Kauai White Coral Disease

SUBHEAD: View a film and presentation about health problems facing Kauai northshore coral reefs.

By Terry Lilley on 8 March 2013 in Island Breath -

Image above: Terry Lilley under Hanalei Bay shooting video of reef conditions. From Terry Lilley.

 Free video and talk about threats to health of northshore reefs. See some amazing creatures that live below the surf in Hanalei Bay.

 Wednesday, 20 March 2013 at 6:00pm

Princiville Library
Princeville, Kauai

Terry Lilly

Aloha Ocean Lovers,

Please come join me, Terry Lilley, at the Princiville Library March 20th at 6:00 for my free talk and video about the "Kauai White Coral Disease".

For the first time ever you will get to see this disease close up and personal like I have been doing for two years scuba diving.

You will get to see how it is eating up our reefs at alarming speed and come to understand how dangerous this is to our future as surfers, divers, swimmers and tourist. You will get to see how many corals are infected and dying right now all along the north shore, and where they are located.

You will also get to see what may be causing this deadly cyanobacteria to spread along our reefs. Possible causes like Atrizine from GMO chemicals, toxic run off from illegal digging in the Hanalei River to Navy microwave sonic testing and chemtrails along our coastline!

Find out how each person on Kauai can help in curing this major reef problem. Also find out why the politicians in Kauai have been ignoring this disease for years!

On the positive side, you will see for the first time video of the amazing creatures that live below the surf in Hanalei Bay, and come to understand why we need to protect their environment.


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Anonymous said...

Thursday 3/21/13

This morning at 6:15 first light, there were heavy chemtrail lines all over the eastern horizon from Oahu from Kalaheo, all running is a north-south pattern with a few at right angles running east to west. It was blatant and obvious

This tells me they are spraying in the predawn hours so people will not notice them so much as they dissipate. At 6:15 the sun was not up yet, and there were DOZENs of trails (not contrails) running from North to South. A few at right angles, east to west

I am horrified to see they are doing this at night/ predawn hours to evade detection.

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