The Point of No Return

SUBHEAD: A discussion with Professor Emeritus Dr. Guy McPherson on retreating from modern technological industrial civilization.

By Guy McPherson on 5 March 2013 for Smells like Human Spirit -

Image above: Detail from movie poster for "Somewhere in New Mexico before the End of Time" featuring Guy McPherson. From (

The guest for Episode 52 of the Smells Like Human Spirit podcast is Dr. Guy McPherson. Guy McPherson left his high-pay, low-work position as a tenured full professor at the University of Arizona to retreat to a simpler life 'on the land'. 

He is now a writer at and, a published author, and public speaker. In this episode of the podcast, we find out why a life-long academic would abandon this seemingly idyllic position, and get his perspective on the challenges that face our species in the decades to come.

Video above: Audio broadcast of interview with Guy McPherson on retreating from civilization. From original article.

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