Tokioka tried to block GMO Bill

SUBHEAD: Kauai state representative James Tokioka used misdirection to try and block GMO labeling bill. It didn't pass despite his failed effort.

By Andy Parx on 24 March 2013 for Parx News Daily-

Image above: Jimmy Tokioka. Watch out! His lips are moving.b From video below.

Check out H. Doug Matsuoka's Youtube video entitled: "Rep Tokiokaʻs attempt to block GMO labeling bill FAILS!"

If there was ever any doubt about which side he is on- and to what lengths he will go to serve his biotech corporate masters- this is the smoking gun.

In it Rep Jimmy Tokioka tried to convince the rest of the committee the bill had been deferred earlier in the day (which would have killed the bill) while actually (as the video shows) the committee had been recessed due to lack of quorum.

He essentially continues with his "that's my story and I'm sticking to it" attempt to block the GMO labeling bill- the one that was eventually passed by the full house- from a committee vote.

What a weasel.

Video above: Edited from the livestream of the 2/07/13 coverage of the State of Hawaii Legislatureʻs House Agriculture Committee hearing on Bill 174 to label GMOʻs. Representative Tokioka of Kauai tries to block the bill, but FAILS! From ( Tip on video by Joe Calhoun.

Comments on YouTube:

And to make it even worse, Senators Clarence Nishihara, and Roz Baker refused to have it heard, killing GMO labeling in Hawaii this year.

Too bad we are fighting so hard for a bill that has little to no meaning. only imported gmo produce will require to be labeled. what is that like 3 things?


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Gelfling said...

I think the best thing to do is to stop buying food at Food Land, Safeway, Big Save, Wall-Mart or Costco etc, and instead start buying it from the farmers markets and the small markets where you can find organic such as Papayas and Hoku (and others). It feels really strange at first but you get used to it! After a while of almost no store-bought processed foods you start to change how you feel about food. If only 20% of the island changed their buying habits i think that would get some major attention! Plus it would really support the local farmers.

(BTW i don't work for or get any money from organic businesses. Although i try and do the above i still break my own rule for emergencies or baking soda for cleaning.)

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