Arrests at Wailua Beach Path

SUBHEAD: James Alalem and Ray Catania were arrested defending Hawaiian culture at site of Wailua Bike Path.

Reported by Sharon Goodwin on 6 February 2013 in Island Braeth -

Image above: James Alalem dislplaying typical stone that was used to mark the outline of a body at a burial site. From (

This morning at about 8:20am on February 6th, 2013, James Alalem and Ray Catania were arrested by Kauai County Police at the site of the bike path that is under construction on the dune of Wailua Beach north of the Wailua River, on Kauai.

They were arrested after the management of the construction contractor called police and indicated that the site was being blocked by demonstrators. After their arrest they were taken to Kauai Police headquarters.

Ray and James have put their bodies on the line for some time in trying to protect burial sites in an area that has many sacred places in Hawaiian culture.

Image above: Ray Catania stands next to siting of Wailua Bike Path demonstrating how close the surfbreak is to highway. It used to be about 190'. From ().

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Anonymous said...

How would Jimbo know what (little stones) is or is not in a burial site?
How many has he dug into to make this statement.
Having seen hundreds none had those stones.

Anonymous said...

There is a force at large in the system , that seeks to wipe out any unique culture because of the wisdom these cultures have of the nature of reality and mans' place in it.
Native culture such as the Hawaiians are a target.

This force wants to eradicate unique culture and make us all the same, a bunch of ignorant and dependent people, if we are all the same we are much easier to control, especially when we seperated from our roots Hawaii lives.

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