Lipstick on a PigLDC

SUBHEAD: Even lipstick can't hide the PLDC thinking behind SB168 - plus the possibility of legalized gambling.

Compiled by Andrew Walden on 24 February 2013 in Hawaii Free Press -

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By Shapiro: For instance there is Senate Bill 215, which creates the Public-Private Partnership Authority, the PPPA. This bill wants to create "a partnership agency to collaborate with all state agencies and private sector entities" to deliver services "more effectively."

The good works to be done would include "energy generation."

The hook to getting county support was to say that counties would be allowed to "waive zoning, land use and permitting requirements on any project."

It appears the bill would also encourage the development of a film studio on Maui and an unspecified project in Wahiawa. Critics immediately said the state was actually just "putting lipstick on the PLDC."…

If that bill smacks of lipstick on the pig, another one, SB 168, is like the PLDC on steroids.

It is another measure that starts out bemoaning our lack of money, and would allow the state Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to enter into a public-private partnership with individuals or private entity "to create revenue for the department."

Critics fear the partnership created would result in a casino, even though the words gambling or gaming never appear in the bill.

Here is the line that set off alarms: It would allow "development of any concept proposed by an applicant that would result in revenue for the department, even if the concept requires legislative changes to existing statutes or regulations."….

"That strange phrase … means it would allow or encourage something beyond the law. I can't think of any other subject other than gambling," said Nakata, who is against legalizing gambling.

Republican Sen. Sam Slom also said the bill is actually talking about gambling.

PLDC staff kept on payroll for new role
By David Shapiro on 24 February 2013 for Star Advertiser - 

….The Senate agreed to abolish the unpopular Public Land Development Corp., but unlike the House version of the bill, senators kept alive the agency's staff in another department. The stage is set for a PLDC-quel….

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