Wailua arrest Aftermath

SUBHEAD: We were arrested for trying to protect the Mahuapu'uone Heiau where they're building the bikepath.

By Ray Catania & James Alalem on 26 February 2013 in Island Breath -

Image above: Photo of the Ahuena Heiau at dawn, in Kailua Kona on the Big Island.  It was reconstructed by King Kamehameha the Great between 1812-1813, and is on the register of National Historic Landmarks as one of the most important of Hawaii's historic sites. From (http://www.robynbuntin.com/ItemDetail.aspx?ProductID=2140).

Our peacefull action on Wailua Beach on February 6, 2013 to prtect the sacredness of this shoreline, and specifically the Mahuapu'uone Heiau, resulted in our arrest and being charged with "obstructing government operations".

We were told by both Kaikor management and the KPD officers this was being done for our safety, in which we responded, "what about the safety of this sacred site and the protection of the Hawaiian culture which benefits everyone?"

We hold nothing against the construction crews of Kaikor, Petersen and Pacific Concrete.  Some of them express to us they understood the erosion that could hapen and the sacredness of the beach and the heiau area.

Kaikor workers told us, especially as being local people from Kauai, that they didn't want to wreck the ahu or altar and that someone else would have to deal with it.

They showed us nothing but real aloha and no harsh words or gestures were exchanged between us.  As working people ourselves, we understand where they are coming from and they are just trying to support their families.

The arresting KPD officers and those that booked and fingerprinted us in the station, also showed us the same respect.  For this we thank them as well.

Mayor Carvalho stated in a news release after our arrests that he was "very dismayed".  Actually, the Mayor and his closest bike path supporters like Tom Noyes, Tim Bynum and Doug Haigh should be very embarrassed for the desecration that they have unleashed on our precious Wailua Beach.

For more information about this issue, contact:
James Alalem
PO Box 510107, Kealia
Ray Catania
4215 Kole Place, Puhi


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