Kahili horizontal well drilling

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SUBHEAD: The Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice for Kahili Horizontal Directional Drilled Well is available.

By Staff on 2 February 2013 in Island Breath -

Image above: Detail of diagrammatic cross-section of Kauai showing drilling plan. From the EISPN pdf file.

[IB Publisher's note: Deadline for comments on this large scale and controversial water drilling project is March 11, 2013. Online comment submissions are here: http://kahili.oceanit.com/]

Environmental Document Review  
We are informing you that the Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice (EISPN) for the Kauai Water System Energy Conservation project, Job No. PLH-03, Kahili Horizontal Directional Drilled Well, is available for review as a PDF file from two online locations.
The EISPN is available for review and download from the Office of Environmental Quality Control website at:


The document is also available for review and download at the Kahili Horizontal Drilling website at:

If you do not have access to the internet and require a hard copy, please call Joanne Hiramatsu of Oceanit Laboratories, Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii, at (808) 531-3017 to request a copy.

A printed version of the document will be sent to you. A public scoping meeting will be scheduled in the near future for the Draft EIS. The Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC) will publish a notice in the February 8, 2013 issue of the Environmental Notice.

Project Description 
[From Part 2 of the EISPN] The purpose of the Project is to drill a directionally drilled exploratory horizontal well that will have a sufficient sustainable yield to replace many of the existing wells and the surface water treatment plant and have the ability to conserve energy.

The project number from the Water Plan 2020 is PLH-03 to Drill and Develop a Horizontal Well in the Līhu‘e-Kapa‘a water system. The KDOW potable water supply system currently consists of surface water diversion, tunnels, and vertical wells. The existing average day demand for the Līhu‘e-Kapa‘a system is 6 million gallons a day (MGD) and the maximum day demand is 9 MGD.

The surface water in the Līhu‘e area is diverted from streams and treated at a water treatment facility near Līhu‘e. This project will look at sites within the Haiku, Hanamā‘ulu, and Wailua Ahupua‘a at the 800 to 1,200-foot elevation for a potential horizontally drilled exploratory well site.

Image above: Photo of Kahili mountainous area where drilling is being considered. From the EISPN pdf file.

Site Selection
Four potential sites have been preliminarily identified for new high level directionally drilled exploratory well so that the water can flow by gravity to the existing distribution system and possibly generate power through the construction of a hydroelectric plant. These four sites located near the 1,000-foot elevation. These sites are:
  1. Location south of Waikoko Stream 
  2. Location in the vicinity of Waiaka and Ili‘ili‘ula Streams 
  3. Location in the vicinity of ╩╗Iole and Waiahi Streams 
  4. Location near Kamo╩╗oloa and Haili Streams 
The Parties Involved
This Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice (EISPN) has been prepared:
by - Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.
828 Fort Street Mall, Suite 600
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

for - County of Kauai Department of Water
PO Box 1706

Lihue, HI96766

Comments on proposal
Online comments regarding this project by the public can be made here until with deadline of 3/11/13: http://kahili.oceanit.com/

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