PLDC Repeal Bill Head Fake

SUBHEAD: The new bill will also result in the selling off public land to corporations and foreign governments.

By Rich Hoeppner on 14 February 2013 for Island Breath -

Image above: New "PLDC" as bad as "Mew Coke" promo that introduced high fructose  corn syrup to Coca Cola in 1985. From (

Have you read the entire SB707, D-1? If you think they repealed Act 55, which was codified as Hawaai Revised Statute 171C, you are absolutely correct.

However, SB707, D-1 replaces 171C and has many of the same provisions as HRS171C.

True, they took the name PLDC out, but transferred the PLDC project planner to DLNR with the same salary.

They then took the section from 171C that gave PLDC the powers to do just about anything they wanted to do, such as taking over any private or public land or property, developing "projects" on it and selling it to any corporation or foreign government for profit.

The "powers" section of SB707, D-1 is nearly identical to the "powers" section that was in HRS171C, which was transferred from another Hawaii Housing bill prior. If you were opposed to Act 55, the new SB707, D-1 will result in the selling off to corporations and foreign governments also.

Now they have introduced another bill called the urban development commission that will also supersede any other state or county law. Promoting a "yes" vote on SB707, D-1 will require a court case if passed in the House and Senate.

If you want to testify on issue:

SB707 Repeals the PLDC legislation.

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