Djou thinks race over

SUBHEAD: The Republican seeking Neil Abecrombie's US Congressional seat is claiming the race is "pretty much over". Image above: Charles Djou's closeup fro Huffington Post article. By AP Staff on 14 May 2010 in Huffington Post - ( Republican Charles Djou is claiming the race for Hawaii's vacant congressional seat is "pretty much over." Djou made the comment in today's edition of The Hill, a newspaper in Washington D.C. Campaign manager Dylan Nonaka explained Djou's statement Thursday. Nonaka says that most of the ballots that are likely to be returned in the all-mail special election have been turned in. He also cites voter polls showing Djou with a healthy lead. About 317,300 ballots were mailed out, of which about 38 percent had been returned as of today. But Democrat Ed Case responded that many more ballots are outstanding. He describes Djou's comments as "stampeding the voters." Democratic candidate Colleen Hanabusa also fired back at Djou for appearing to prematurely declare victory. Here's an excerpt from an e-mail the Hanabusa camp sent to supporters Thursday night on the matter: Funny how there’s still over a week left for voters to speak, but a lot of people want to tell you what the outcome is. Let’s make this clear: Charles Djou and Ed Case don’t get to decide who wins this election. You do. The only poll that counts is the one that is going on right now, the one where you get to cast your ballot for the person you think will best represent you in Washington. This election doesn’t belong to Charles Djou. Ed Case, the DCCC, or Right Wing special interest groups. It belongs to the voters of Hawaii. You have the real stake in who represents you in Washington.

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Mauibrad said...

It is over, he has won. The only question is can he win re-election next November. The special election is now just to see which of Case and Hanabusa get to run against him in November and which of those two comes in third and gracefully bows out. The rest of this special election is for second place which might or might not turn into first place in November.

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