Lesbian Laysan Albatross

SUBHEAD: A third of albatross pairs in Hawaii are lesbians and have been coupled for up to 19 years.

By Rosemary Black on 4 May 2010 in NY Daily News

Image above: Pair of adult Laysan albatross in the Hawaiian chain. From (http://trostomaten.blogspot.com/2007/07/to-midway-and-back-email-interview-with.html). 

Birds of a feather aren't opposed to same-sex relationships.

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Alice L. Cunningham said...

Isn't just like nature to show the world that lesbian ( homosexual ) relationships are "natural". And I bet there is no Albatross "Pope" saying they are sinful ! Hopefully, this study will raise the conscieniousness of those who go by man-made rules and religilous myths.
Alice L. Cunningham

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