Kauai Seed & Plant Exchange

SOURCE: kenneth Taylor (taylork021@Hawaii.rr.com) SUBHEAD: Bring plants - Get plants. All seeds and plants will be given freely or traded. Admission is free.

Image above: Labeled starter plants ready for exchange for another.  

5th Biannual Community Seed and Plant Exchange All seeds and plants will be given freely or traded. WHEN: May 23rd, 2010 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm  

All Saints Gymnasium in Kapaa  

Check-in of plant material begins at 1:00 pm.
The seed and plant exchange will follow a group blessing
Dr. Valenzuela will start his presentation at 4:30 pm.

To find out more please call (808) 652-4118

This event is a joint production of Regenerations Botanical Garden, Kauai Community Seed Bank & Library, GMO Free Kauai, and Hawaii SEED.

There will be education tables, films, live music and food, along with Kaua`i grown seeds and plants from around the island. This event features a keynote presentation by University of Hawaii Crop Specialist Dr. Hector Valenzuela entitled “Ecological Agriculture and Local Food and Seed Systems in Hawaii”. His areas expertise include agroecology and field trial research, composting and organic amendments, and no-till farming.

In his role as Science Advisor for Hawaii SEED, Dr. Valenzuela works to educate the public about the risks posed by genetically engineered organisms. He recently co-produced the “Hua ka Hua” Public Seed Symposium on Hawai`i Island. Live music will spotlight local favorites Malama Pono Alstars and Aroshn.

People bringing plant material to share will fill out a label that identifies type of plant, favorable growing conditions, and if they wish, their contact information. Those bringing seeds and plants are requested to bring pre-cleaned, pest-free, GMO free and non-invasive material. Everyone is encouraged to attend: even if you have no plants or seeds to give away, there will be plenty to learn and receive.


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