One more lap around the Sun

SUBHEAD: Whatever seemed normal, is about to vanish in the rear view mirror.

By Juan Wilson on 14 July 2022 for Island Breath -

Image below: View of Hawaiian Islands from hear space looking northwest. From (






There were times in the past when we would publish 2 or even 3 articles in a day for Island Breath. Back then we used ti have a subscription to a Kauai published and printed daily paper. In those days the ability to find a job, rent an apartment, and buy a car were vital services of a local daily news paper. 

That world has blown away like tumbleweed by the onslaught of features and function of the ubiquitous iPhone and it's copycat competitors. 

As a result one can hardly find a restaurant with a printed menu any more. You're invited by the "staff" to "scan it!"... Some people (like some baby-boomers, and and toddlers don't have an iPhone. "No Prob... we have a printed menu behind the bar... I'll see if I can find it. 

When we cannot keep up the near space telecommunication technology we have developed along with the wireless networks utilized by the iPhone and its copycats.

All might have gone well if we were not in total denial of the dire straights humanity has cornered itself into. Too many people, ruining, abandoning and throwing a way too much stuff for too long.

We have had half a century -since 1972- when the Club of Rome first published its predictions for our future based on resource losses, consumption increases, human population growth.

I'm going to try and get back in the saddle... meaning getting back to doing fresh, new articles... although I suspect they will not all avoid some cynicism.

I'll be back... soon I hope... Juan Wilson

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