Weird Days

SUBHEAD: A list of some of the odd experiences of disasters in my lifetime.

By Juan Wilson on 15 April 2020 for Island Breath -

Image above: Photo of garbage piled into street in Manhattan, NY, during 1968 garbage strike. From (

These are weird days and they seem to be leading to a major reset of life on Earth. The lists below are calamities I have lived through or witnessed through media in my lifetime.

Personally Experienced
Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 (We thought World War 3 was at hand)

North East Blackout 1965 (lived in Boston. People thought WW3 had begun)

NYC Garbage Strike 1968 (Lived in Lower East side. Garbage up past windows slid into streets)

OPEC Oil Embargo 1973 (A few people were shot to death for jumping long lines at gas stations)

Iran US Embassy Crisis 1979 (I lived in Iran 1975-76 and saw what preceded revolution)

Witnessed Through Mass Media
Exxon Valdis Oil Spill 1989 (Effects included the deaths as many as 250,000 seabirds)

Bangladesh Cyclone 1991 (over 135,000 people killed) 

World Trade Center Attack 2001 (over 2,700 people killed)

Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami 2011 (over 15,000 people killed)

When you look at the numbers of fatalities the World Trade Center collapse was not nearly as lethal as the other disasters listed above. But maybe it was so traumatic for Americans because it was a disaster created by humans intentionally and involved a symbol of American prowess. It was also witnessed live in the streets of New York and by millions on television.

Simultaneously Experiencing
Corona Virus Pandemic 2020 & Worldwide Economic Collapse 2020

These current disasters are interrelated and will transform the world in ways that will be in Nature's interest and ultimately our human interest. It's past time for a reset.


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