Balanced on the Equinox

SUBHEAD: We are  between two worlds - the darkness and the light - it is only through shadows that we can discern.

By Juan Wilson on 21 March 2019 for Island Breath -

Image above: A humming bird and honey bees drinking from a backyard fountain. From (

This website,, has been reporting on the negative impacts of human behavior in regards to the living world we inhabit. This includes phenomena like global warming, increased atmospheric carbon, rising oceans, over development, desertification, environmental collapse, extinctions, etc.

Some would say we have focused on negativity, or as some call it "doomster porn". I admit we are guilty as charged. We were hoping that we could turn the rudder of our "ship of fools" just a few degrees away from our courseof crashing on the rocks. We were 50 years too late to that party.

The Club of Rome (see convened in 1970 to survey the future and laid out our options for surviving calamity. Some who read the grasped it's implications. Most ignored the implication.

Some were ahead of the curve and abandoned modernity early.

One was  Ted Kaczynski who quit as a professor of math at UC Berkley to live in a cabin the woods... and go mad -  fighting "The System" by becoming the "Unibomber"and using terrorism to solve the problems he percieved (see
Another way to go was the approach of Albert Bates who went off with a bunch of hippies to start the "The Farm" in Tennessee.
"In 1971, a caravan of 80 school buses and assorted other vehicles carrying 320 hippie idealists landed on a cattle farm in central Tennessee. They had a mission. The banner on their band bus read 'Out to Save the World!'"
The Farm still operated as a self sustained community.
"Today The Farm is home to a little over 200 people living on 3 square miles of forested highland with four generations of families and friends."For more see (see
My point is that it is better to try and build a better place to live for as many living creatures near you as possible than to "fight the system" - and as it usually goes - either beat The System then become its replacement or to be beaten by it and lose everything.

Somewhere between the cracks you may be able to avoid The System and build a place for yourself that is under the radar and rich and green.

Then, if you're lucky, you might entice the wildness of Nature to be a partner in enriching the lives of those around you.

Here on Kauai, in Hawaii, we have been lucky enough to entice some forest around us and welcomed the bees, and hornets, and wasps, and moths, and butterflies and worms and grubs and chickens and mina birds, and parrots, and egrets et cetera, et cetera. In other words, the birds and the bees. The more the merrier as we hurtle towards our fate.

In fine arts chiaroscuro is the discipline of controlling light and dark to achieve an effect. Without light there is nothing to see, and without some darkness there is no shape or form. 

We are all in the business of painting our surroundings to achieve the reality we hope to live in. This moment in time, a solar equinox, is a time to focus on what we may actually accomplish with what is at hand. 

Visualize it and make it happen.   


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