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SUBHEAD: "Gripping, compelling, and totally convincing - John Le Carre

By Kip Goodwin on 7 March 2014 for Kauai Alliance for Peace -

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See Documentary Film: Jeremy Scahill's "Dirty Wars" FREE!

Friday, March 14th, at 6:30Ppm

Kapa`a Public Library4-1464 Kuhio Highway,
Kapa`a, Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai Alliance for Peace and Social Justice.

Please call Kip at (808) 822-7646 or
email Ray at

Dirty Wars follows investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill into the heart of America's covert wars in Afghanistan, Somalia and more than seventy other countries. The secretive and powerful Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) is a clandestine operation comprised of men who do not exist on paper and will never appear before Congress. JSOC teams "find, fix and finish" targets selected from a secret kill list that includes U.S. citizens.

Drawn into the stories and lives of people he meets along the way, Scahill is forced to confront the painful consequences of a war spinning out of control, as well as his own role as a journalist.

In February Secretary of War Chuck Hagel announced the Obama administration's Pentagon budget for the coming year. He wants to pare back conventional troop size but add more than 3000 personnel to special ops teams that will be the new face of America's force projection for most of the world.

Dirty Wars is a glimpse into a possible future of endless war; targeted assassinations, destabilization, and training of right wing and terrorist forces used by our government in places like Ukraine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and beyond. The U.S. is portrayed in Dirty Wars as the "security exporter" for the corporate oligarchy that moves to consolidate global control.

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