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SUBHEAD: In this short video, one can see how people get frightened when death literally hovers over them.

By Jaskiran Kaur on 30 October 2013 for IB Times -

Image above: Still frame from video below of joggers approached from behind by the Grim Reaper. 

Halloween spirit is catching up fast. People are getting into the mood and prepping up for the big day. From costumes, to food, to party setup, to decors, to pranks and tricks, there is a lot to do on this day. But Tom Mabe seems all prepped up for his Halloween trick. Watch the best Halloween prank in a viral video where a flying grim reaper scares joggers in a park.

Tom Mabe is the prankster who posted the video on 23 October, 2013 on his YouTube page with his elaborate Halloween prank terrifying the people in a park in Louisville, Kentucky. In the 2-minute 14-second video, one can see how people get frightened when death literally hovers over them.

Video above: From (http://youtu.be/tB8D2QZ9lA4).

The flying grim reaper, the new prank object of the 44-year-old comedian, has been successfully implemented with some technology in terrifying people. Tom created the flying grim reaper with a remote control to make it fly around the park. The reaper also has wings and flowing eyes that make it look more real as it flies around.

"We have had a lot of fun making this. It's taken some work to make it happen, but it's great fun. It flies with the help of a remote control helicopter but you rig it up in a really brilliant way. It has to be quiet so people don't hear it," explains Tom Mabe.

Tom had his horrifying puppet chase after the unsuspecting runners in the park, who, after looking at their stalker, ran for their lives.Tom confessed that he plans to take his new prank toy out onto the streets on Halloween. Be careful Kentucky people!

"We're going to take it to a street where there are always lots of trick-or-treaters and are going to set a camera up from inside the Reaper's face to capture the children's reactions. I have always wanted to do this, it's such a laugh," says Tom Mabe.

He says that it's much more fun when they sneak up people after flying it at about 200 ft in the air and then suddenly dropping it down so that it is right behind people.

He has also reported that he got the idea of a flying grim reaper from his previous video in which he used a motorized skunk to chase people down. This time he wanted to tie a ghost to a hovering contraption.

The video by now has been viewed more 2,600,000 times.

His flying grim reaper prank is hands down the best Halloween prank of 2013. So, take inspiration from the viral video of this prank and get into something spooky as Halloween approaches fast.


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