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SUBHEAD: SB1171 is another to plunder Hawaii's public lands for private speculation. Please comment.

By Koalani Kaulukukui on 6 April 2013 for Kahea -

Image above: It's like we're herding cats that want to get the PLDC passed one way or another.  From Shannon Rudolph.
[Shannon Rudoph note: These PLDC Lite Bills - most have passed the various committees, and now move on to 'floor votes' in each house.Please let Senators & Representatives know what you think.  More info here - type in Bill number at]

Please consider opposing another bill (SB1171) that, like the PLDC, bulldozes over laws that protect iwi kūpuna and historic sites.

SB1171 calls for “phased” archaeological inventory surveys, meaning that construction can be permitted before surveying the whole construction project for iwi kūpuna and historic sites. Allowing developers to get permits in phases prevents the government from seeing the impacts of the project as a whole. That means we might not be aware of harms until it’s too late to stop them. This flies in the face our constitutional right to a healthful environment and the state’s trust obligations over Hawaii’s natural and cultural resources.

Please help us kill SB1171 when it comes up for a House floor vote this Tuesday, April 9. THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO WEIGH IN.

WHAT YOU CAN DO, before Tuesday, please:
  1. Email or call your House Representative. Let them know you are their constituent and tell them to kill SB1171to protect our iwi kūpuna and historic sites and ensure proper review BEFORE projects start.

    This is essential because your Rep wants your vote!!To find your House Representative’s contact info,go to and type in your address in the upper right-hand side of the page.
  2. You can email all House Representatives at this address and ask them to kill SB1171:
  3. Spread this information to your networks of friends, urging them to contact their House Representatives.

For information on the bill, go here:

For an excellent article on SB1171, see this Civil Beat article by Pūlama Lima, Dorothy Meisner, No‘eau Peralto, and Lisa Yang:

Together, we can kill SB1171 as we will the PLDC!

And on a very positive note, with your help, we convinced the Senate to adopt the House version of HB1133 to repeal the PLDC, no strings attached! There were a few minor changes, but if the House accepts them (and word is they will) the bill could become law soon. This couldn’t have happened without your testimony, email messages and phone calls!

Mahalo Piha!


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