Help Label GMO with HB 174

SUBHEAD: Tell Kauai representatives to vote for GMO labeling and join March 9th GMO protest.

By Phoebe Eng on 4 March 2013 in Island Breath -

Image above: Turn away crowd at Waimea Middle School this Sun. to support "legal actions" against chemical companies by Waimea community members and their supporters for dust and pesticide contamination in their homes. Pictures by Walter Ritte.

Please take a few minutes and call our elected reps today - tell them that it is important to support labeling of GMO foods with HB 174 Regarding Food Labeling

If the State House approves HB 174 today, this will be milestone for the state.  Kauai can make the difference!

If this bill passes the house, it will go to the Senate... and then into law!

Kaua`i is ground zero for the experimental field tests and we must lead disclosure and legislation of this irresponsible technology. For more information, go to and type in HB 174 or visit us on facebook at GMO Free Kauai.

Please call our reps today and ask for their support to begin a labeling system to more easily identify GMO foods.

I'm passing along this Take Action Alert - Please call or email Dee, Jimmy Tokioka, and Ron Kouchi today.  Your letters and messages count for a lot, they really do.
Please take 3 minutes today to call or email our 3 representatives from Kaua`i today and ask them to vote for the GMO Labeling bill HB 174 tomorrow on the House floor.

Our representatives on Kaua`i are:

Rep. Dee Morikawa 808 586 6280

Rep. Jimmy Tokioka 808 586 6270

Rep. Derek Kawakami 808 586 8435

Image above: Crowds are growing bigger as more and more people are getting involved in actions and events against GMOs. Some 600 people MARCHED through Haleiwa town this Sat. and held a rally at the haleiwa beach park.


Join Hawaii SEED and others for the "March in March"

this Saturday, March 9, 2013 at noon

in Poipu at noon near the Hyatt on Poipu Road.

Kaua`i grown potluck to follow at Poipu Beach Park.

Mahalo to Dustin Barca and Ohana o Kaua`i and Walter Ritte!

The movement is growing.


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