One less Hummer

SUBHEAD: Tourist gets rented Hummer caught in sand and manages to get the vehicle to self-imolate after revving it into flames.  

By Nathan Eagle on 20 April 2009 in The Garden Island News 

Image above: Hummer burns with Princeville background. Photo by Aurora Rosin.

A visitor’s rent-a-Hummer burst into flames late Saturday afternoon at Lumaha‘i Beach after he reportedly got stuck driving in the sand. Hanalei firefighters responded to the “fully involved” vehicle fire and extinguished the blaze with water and foam, county spokesperson Mary Daubert said Sunday. There were no injuries reported.

The scorched Hummer truck, which are known for performing “like nothing else,” spewed thick black smoke into the North Shore sky for over an hour. Local residents reportedly posed with the driver for pictures, flashing “shakas” while the tires melted and interior sizzled.

The metal carcass had been removed from the middle of the otherwise pristine beach by Sunday morning. Further details about the incident — including the identity of the tourist — were unavailable at press time.

Image above: Photo montage by Jonathan Jay.

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