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SUBHEAD: A response to others who questions Hawaiian's fight for justice.

By Kane Pa on 31 December 2008 in Island Breath -

Image above: NASA shot of Hawaiian islands. Kauai in foreground looking southeast

GOAL: Is to educate the people of HAWAII and the WORLD that the Reinstated Lawful Hawaiian Government has INITIATED the process of RECLAIMING all of the NATIONAL lands that belongs to the INHERENT SOVEREIGNTY the key word is inherent sovereignty. (KANAKA MAOLI)

MISSION: To PEACEFULLY demonsrtate that the Reinstated Hawaiian Nation OWN'S all the NATIONAL lands ( Real and Chattel Property) prior to the Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17-1893. ( Queens Proclamation stated to reinstate our country not reorganize it for America).

Where is our Hawaiian Nation's Hawaiian government that they acknowledge was violated under international law, this is the BIG question. Reinstating our Hawaiian Government (RHG) is the only sollution, Kanaka maoli don't own ceded lands, we own our national lands. Which includes Government, crown and all national lands.

The State of Hawaii didn't overthrow our country, they received stolen property that was illegally ceded to the U.S. from the Republic of Hawaii that was and still is the DE-FACTO Provisional Government. You want justice without a Hawaiian government. Who do you expect the courts to agree is the government it belongs to. Public Law 103-150 stated that it belongs to our Hawaiian government and that Queen Lili'uokalani preserved our inherent sovereignty's perfect right to reinstate the nation. Please tell me why do we continue to protest that it belongs to our people and yet our people don't follow the very laws that stated we have the right to form and select a government of our own choice. I don't disagree on your intentions, but there is a proper claimant and it's the Hawaiian Government that our ancesters created. Prime Minister Henry Noa is the first to educate our people about reinstatement and why we need to reinstate our former Hawaiian government first and most. Yes you may disagree, but we choose to reinstate the Hawaiian government, manifest our political authority, so we can prove that we lawfully exist.

We are doing this for you and your children. Understand how international law works. If the Supreme Court ask you where's your government, what is your response? Do you have one? Will you tell the Supreme Court and the world that you didn't build one yet? You came this far without a government, or a citizen base, (Hawaiian Nationals). Where do you go from there? The United States won't give up our lands, we need to take it back by law using International law. Kahoolawe is the first step then in reinstating the Hawaiian government's properties. Please understand how the law works. We will be their for the march. We must come together as everyone says. Sign up and run for office. The RHG never excluded anyone from participating in our process. Why should we wait for others to say when we can or cannot reinstate our former Hawaiian Government? We exercised our perfect right by not waiting anymore. An important detail of Public Law 103-150 is that it has a seven year statue of limitation to respond to the claim. That began November 23 1993. The RHG reinstated the Hawaiian Nation March 13 1999. Support our ancestors support your kupuna's and support our RHG for all.

Reinstated Hawaiian Government 31st constitutional convention at Io'lani Palace on January 16-18, 2009. January 17th is the big march expecting 10,000 to 15,000 people.

Prime Minister Henry Noa will meet with DLNR. The rules have change, thanks to individuals claiming individual status.

RHG is moving forward as planned on what ever the dicussion is between RHG and DLNR. We are recording Human rights violations for our law firm in Europe, so they can begin to build our case in the Hague.

Federal and State of Hawaii passed into law H.R.S. Act 359, 1999. To be govern by an sovereign nation of our own choosing.

The key word is Sovereign Nation. The Akaka bill is merely to pass our sovereignty to the United States - Nothing more and nothing less.

They intend to violate the very laws that they passed that acknowledge we have the right to form our government.

Why do they pass these laws and punish our people for violating the very law that gives us our rights?

That seems a human rights violations upon our Reinstated Hawaiian Nationals. KAUAI RHG

Every Mondays @ 6:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. (Everyone is invited)
District -1 position is open for the House of Representative. Person got real sick and ask to step down. Noble Timithy Oga ( 808-652-1608)
District - 2 KOLOA BASEBALL PARK in the far lefthand corner. Representative: Leland Yadao Noble : Kekane Pa Contact number : 808-645-1838
District - 3 ANAHOLA CLUBHOUSE Hawaiian Homesteads Representative : Keohukui Kauihana Noble : Stewart Kopa Akana (808-639-2610) Minister of Interior Naliko Markel : (808-828-0914) home. (808-346-9663) cell. Kauai Island organizer:

Kane Pa - email: kekanepa@hotmail.com

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Anonymous said...

We should unite and support our new beggining with the Reinstated Hawaiian Government. You lead Henry and I fallow. People you must understand as long you aknowledge the de facto Government, we will never get rid of the problem but to shade it while they create more problems. What is our problem, 1. We can not unite as one and support ones idea. 2. We can not go with one leader cause every one like be the one to puka. 3. The A'ama crab syndrome, we can not see our own kind do better then the other. When this all going end? When can we stand side by side and support one braddah who worked hard for over 12 or more years in this movement? When can we stop being self fish and be happy that the next Hawaiian is doing good. If you help the Hawaiian go forward, then you move forward as well. For an example, like what I heard from one braddah from Maui, Get this lady who stay getting money from the Queens trust. She went prove that she had the koko. When he told me that, that went turn my na'au because she is thinking about her self and not the next Kanaka. She is going along with the white man thinking. He ask me if I would do the same, I said hell no. What is fair for one is fair for all the Kanaka's. So stop thinking about your self and start thinking and helping the next Kanaka. We did it before for centuries, why can't we do the same now. We still Kanaka maole's, we still the people with the blood. No get distracted from the truth. The TRUTH is in our history and will remain in our history to the day we die or no longer in exisistance. So Henry, I know you fustraded at times but your our last hope for freedom and independence. I hope and pray that Akua Nui be with you and help us understand so we can unite and be as one and also to become our own Nation. Aloha and Ahui ho.

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