Knudsen Trust Setback

SUBHEAD: Desecration of Poipu delayed until January 13th.

By Teddy Blake on 9 December 2008 in Island Breath -

Image above: Foreground is Hawaiian setlement on land claimed by Knudsen Trust. Aerial photo by Kauai Historic Society.

The subdivision committee of the Planning Commission approved the final subdivision of the Village at Po'ipu by a 2 to 1 (Hollinger voted against) vote. Commissioner Raco kept insisting for approval in such a pushy way that it made many in the audience wonder what was actually motivating him to act this way. Check him out on the Ho'ike coverage.

The Planning planner, Dale Cua, recommended that the committee not approve because the applicant had not fulfilled mitigation plans SHPD had requested for a proposed preservation site the developer had completely obliterated and SHPD refused to sign off until this was fulfilled by the developer.

When it came before the Commission as a whole, Raco again was very pushy in his quest for approval. He may have even gone overboard demanding that Planner Cua author and get into the hands of the developer a letter of approval so the developer can request the same from SHPD. He actually directed Planning to do the developer's work. Two points worked in Hapa Trail's favor with the Commissioners. The first was a strong, powerful and detailed letter from OHA authored by OHA's administrator Clyde Namu'o.

OHA demanded the Planning Commission withhold approval until all archeological sites were duly reviewed by OHA as they were not informed of the significance of the Koloa Field System. The second was the proposed breaching of Hapa Trail with no Environmental Assessment for Hapa Trail's breaching as is required by law as Hapa Trail belongs to the County of Kaua'i.

Another important issue raised by the community was that the developer needed Council's approval for an permanent easement over Hapa Trail. The Commission by a 5 to 1 vote voted to defer the matter until January 13, 2009 meeting. We need to step up vigilance now. SHPD needs to be informed in writing, emails and calls about this. If they sign off, Hapa Trail is toast.

The big issue is that Hapa Trail is proposed to be breached and there has been no Environmental Assessment for Hapa Trail's breaching or plans showing how the breaching will occur and what is will look like. We need to get the County Council members on board, the Mayor and our representatives. Any one who has a connection or knows any politician needs to make a call and follow up with an email or letter.

Hapa Trail is also an numbered State Historic Site, 50-10-30-992. SHPD needs to approve whether or not Hapa Trail can be breached or an alternative route used to Po'ipu Road. The Planning Director, Public Works Director and the County Attorney need to be apprised of what is going on with this application and applicant. We need to keep them informed of what is going on here. I have the email addresses to some listed below... Kauai Mayor County Council Councilman Councilman Councilman Councilman Councilman Councilwoman County Planning Planning Director Planning Deputy State Historic Preservation Department Kauai State Historic Preservation Director State Senator Hooser State Representative Morita State Representative Tokioka State Representative Sagum State Senator Galuteria


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