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SOURCE: Brad Parsons (kauaibrad@hotmail.com)
SUBHEAD: Should Agro-Chemical Operations be Proven Safe Prior to being used on Kauai?

By Staff on 18 April 2014 for Kauai Rising-

Image above: Residents of Kauai display sign chastising Dow, DuPont and Syngenta for trying to overturn pesticide regulations designed to protect the island. From (http://gmosecrets.com/category/pesticides-poisoning-kauai-keiki-families/).

Kauai Charter Amendment to Add Article 33

Let the People Decide:
Should Agro-Chemical Operations be Proven Safe Prior to being used on Kauai?

The Ohana:
Please add your voice to that of this growing coalition of people and organizations as we come together to place this Amendment on the ballot on November 4, 2014.
  • Friends of Navdanya (Vandana Shiva's U.S. Organization)
  • Kauai Alliance for Peace and Social Justice
  • Kauai Fresh Farms
  • Kauai Rising
  • Ohana O'Kauai
  • People for the Preservation of Kauai
  • Regenerations international Botanical Garden
  • Safe Meter Kauai
  • Shaka movement
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Wai Koa Plantation
Sign the Petition to Place the Charter Amendment on the Ballot at the following locations:
  • Harvest Market in Hanalei
  • Magic Dragon Today and Art Supply Princeville
  • Kauai Mini Golf and Botanical Gardens Kilauea
  • Small Town Coffee in Kapaa
See updated petition gathering sites at: https://www.facebook.com/events/435175346627970/?ref=22
or contact one of the petition team captains below.
Join one of the Petition gathering Teams around the island by contacting a team captain:
  • Lora Lynne 826-6513 (Northside)
  • Elaine 651-7531 (Kapaa-Moloa'a)
  • Rich 822-0930 (Wailua - Lihue)
  • Siri 634-5514 (Eastside)
  • Janee 652-2526 (Southside)
  • Klayton 652-2425 (Westside)
  • Sandy 320-3878 (Eastside)
To stay updated on events and information add your email address to our contact list by sending an email to:
To place a Charter Amendment on the ballot requires the gathering of 3,000 signatures of Kauai registered voters by the middle of May of 2014 (five thousand signatures or more would create a wonderful momentum as we move toward the November 4th, 2014 election date.)

Placing the Amendment on the ballot allows the people to directly vote in November on whether or not they want to see the Amendment passed. Once passed the Amendment cannot be repealed by the County Council, nor can it be vetoed by the Mayor. It lets the people decide.

To pass the Amendment in the November election requires that a simple majority of the voters who turn out, vote to pass the Amendment.

The Charter Amendment is designed to insure the health and well being of Kauai and its people by requiring that the AgroChemical Businesses on Kauai prove that their operations here are safe prior to implementing them.

View the entire Charter Amendment at www.kauairising.org

As we watch the events of the world we recognize that we are at a tipping point for so many choices facing our world at this time. None is more important in affecting the health and well being of our world and our people than this issue of GMOs, especially here on Kauai, Ground Zero for their GMO research and testing activities.

At this time, more than ever, your voice makes a difference and amplifies the effectiveness of our community's ability to achieve its vision of a healthy, abundant island home for everyone. Mahalo for all that you do bring this vision into manifestation. Your voice really matters!


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