Ecoterrorist Coprorations

SOURCE: Judie Lundborg Hoeppner (
SUBHEAD: These corporations have repeatedly proven their ability to kill and maim the Earth. They are the eco-terrorists.

By Julien Miller on 24 April 2014 in Island Breath -

Image above: Who are the ecoterrorists? In Midland, Michigan, a DOW Dioxin plant contaminated the area of Tittabawassee River, Saginaw River and Saginaw Bay. Dow was forced into a Superfund Cleanup. Metal warning signs were provided by DOW Chemical at Saginaw and Freeland public parks and public boat launches in the region warning about soils contact and eating local fish. From (

Note from Source: On April 22nd the Garden Island News published an article with a controversial title  Attorneys: 2491 backers ‘eco-terrorists’: It concerned Kauai’s biotech seed industry asking for a judge to nullify the county’s pesticide and genetically modified crop ordinance without going to trial. Their thinking was the transparency on pesticide use and GMO crop locations would bring out "ecoterrorists" activities in their fields. The following is a response submitted to the TGI for publication.]

Clearly the lawyer for DOW, Syngenta, BASF and DuPont meant to say,

"Our clients are eco-terrorists and these are their demands:
  1. DOW, Syngenta, BASF and DuPont want to spray experimental pesticides right up to schools and hospitals.
  2. DOW, Syngenta, BASF and DuPont want to keep what and when they spray experimental pesticides a secret so that no scientists can connect these poisons blowing around in the trades with illnesses and disease.
  3. DOW, Syngenta, BASF and DuPont oppose labeling of GMO's because they don't believe people have the right to know what they are eating just like they don't have a right to clean water or clean air.
  4. DOW, Syngenta, BASF and DuPont are more concerned with profit then with the people or environment of Hawaii.
If you read the items below especially the area entitled 'A wide range of impacts" you will see proof positive that our clients are, without a doubt, the eco-terrorists.

"As of Dec 2000, EPA has named Dow and Union Carbide potentially
responsible parties for a combined 136 hazardous waste sites." The other
manufacture of agent Agent Orange which they claimed was safe but which
now is known to have killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of people. 
More DOW facts:

"Syngenta and its subsidiaries are responsible for pollution resulting in 18 Superfund sites. Sued by 16 cities for contaminating their drinking water.
More Syngenta facts:

" In Dec 2000, DuPont reportedly shared liability for 348 hazardous waste sites and set aside US$408 million for remediation. As of January 2002, EPA named DuPont a potentially responsible party for 19 superfund sites."
More DuPont facts:

"Five of BASF’s manufacturing facilities in the U.S. rank amongst the worst 10% of comparable facilities for toxic releases. BASF released 17 million pound of toxins in Texas in 1996 making it Texas’ second largest polluter."
More BASF facts:

Terrorists kill and destroy and the above corporations have repeatedly proven their ability to kill animals and people, pollute, cause disease, destroy rivers, land, and the water supply. These corporations truly deserve to be called terrorists.

It would have been silly to call the people of Hawaii eco-terrorists where aina rules.

Must have been a Freudian slip."


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