HCC money scandal

SOURCE: Marieta Carino (marietak@hawaii.edu)
SUBHEAD: There are great irregularities with the financial records of the student fees. 

By Marieta Carino on 1 April 2014 for Island Breath -

Image above: Sign at entrance to Hawaii Community College in Hilo. From (http://hawaii.hawaii.edu/digital-media-arts/).

Three Student Council officers, at the Hawaii Community College in Hilo, have been removed from office - two successive treasurers and the Student Government President - for requesting receipts and financial records of student fee receipts and expenditures .

They have requested a full audit of the student fee accounts from the administration and the Board of Regents, so far without success.

Also the college is charging the following per-semester student fees
  • News Publication $19
  • Recreation $7
  • Campus Center $5
These are all non-existent facilities or services.

There are great irregularities with the financial records of the student fees. Previous and present council have been asking for more than three years, for financial information and it has not been forthcoming.

For more information please contact:

Marieta Carino at 808-960-5129
Student Activities Board Treasurer

Eric Aranug at 808-854-3828
Student Government President

David Canning at 808-482-0425
Former Student Government Treasurer,

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