The jig is up!

SUBHEAD: Kauai's population is expected to grow by over 30 percent to 85,200 residents. Mostly on the southside.

By Juan Wilson on 8 April 2014 for Island Breath -

Image above: CH2M Hill Project Manager Kathleen Chu, flanked by CH2M Hill Project Consultant Paul Luersen and Hawaii Department of Transportation Head Planning Engineer Ken Tatsuguchi, present the findings of a DOT long-range plan for Kauai during a public meeting Thursday at the Kauai Peace & FreedomConvention Hall. From TGI article below.

'The jig is up" In Elizabethan times the word "jig" became slang for a practical joke or a trick. 'The jig is up' phrase derives from this obsolete slang use of 'jig'. It means your trick or game is finished, has been exposed, we're onto you now.

The state Department of Transportation is using CH2M Hill, a 26,000 person consulting firm that:
" with clients in energy, water, environment and infrastructure to design integrated solutions that deliver lasting value.From major sewerage programs in London and Abu Dhabi to super cleanrooms in China, from nuclear cleanup in Scotland to major highways and airports in the United States" (

Why would little old Kauai need this firm to provide infrastructure support way out here in Hawaii, on a rural outer island?

Because there are big plans afoot. Consultant CH2M Hill says:

"Challenging times lie ahead for Kauai. The Garden Isle is expected to face a nearly $2.2 billion shortfall in transportation project funds at a time when it will also face a significant population and economic boom." (

Transportation departments like to spend lots of money on consultants for studies about projected population growth. This justifies ever larger budgets that dovetails nicely with the large land owners need to monitize land. Needless to say, the highways built for projected population explosions enables and enhances the realization of that very projection.

This TGI article repeated the veiled threat of large population growth by 2035 to justify a need for over $3 billion dollars in federally funded highway improvements to justify an increase of over $2 billion expended to expand our highways -  particularly on the southside. The consultants state:
"During that same time, the island’s population is expected to grow by over 30 percent to 85,200 residents by 2035. The most significant growth, according to the report, is expected in the Lihue and South Shore areas of the island."
That leads us to Grove Farms and Alexander & Baldwin (A&B). These two companies operating on southside of Kauai are land rich and cash poor. They are chafing at the bit to monitize the land in their hands by transforming thier acreage into dairy feedlots, GMO fields, resorts, and suburban sprawl.

Anything to make a buck. Well we didn't want the Superferry, we don't want the GMO companies and we will not accept the sprawl.

This kind of public meeting, conducted by the state of Hawaii and private consultants in favor of development, and with skin in the game, are in effect threats to the public welfare. This is a pithy quote by the CH2M Hill consultant at the meeting:
"whenever you pick something you must not pick something else"
 This cause reader "Eagle6" to make this comment to the paper:
I demand to know what we paid consultants for that infinite wisdom. The jig is up. I don't want to see any campaign signs, disingenuous waving, or give up one cold tax dime to this incompetent ship of problem makers and takers. Your all fired.

Advice to young people without a soul, become a consultant,spend a year at the Marriott playing golf and getting your pathetic story straight with soulless politicians.
Advice to young or old with a soul, you got my vote.
If Kauai it will not do a sad imitation of a cargo-cult by paving over the island efforts to bring on commercialization, growth, more real estate speculation. If we can hold down our population and consequent need for more food, energy and material from off-island, we will have a better chance of thriving in the aftermath of the fall from grace America is going through now.

More of the same old crap won't make it better. The jig is up!


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