Mayor - Sign Bill 2491

SUBHEAD: Although the Kauai County Council approved the GMO regulation bill, the mayor can veto it.

By Staff om 24 October 2013 for Pass the Bill Coalition -

Image above: Official county portrait of Kauai mayor Bernard Carcalho. From (

Although the Kauai County Council approved Bill 2491 by 6-1 our Mayor Bernard Carvalho can still veto it up to October 31st, 2013.

It's only been one week since the Council passed Bill 2491 but sadly we cannot completely celebrate yet.

As a final step, we need to urge the Mayor to SIGN THE BILL INTO LAW NOW.
The Mayor can choose to veto the bill, and unbelievably he has publicly reserved his option to do so, against the overwhelming will of the people and the 6-1 landslide County Council vote.
We must send our messages LOUD AND CLEAR, and with ALOHA, telling the Mayor that he must honor the democratic process, protect our children, and sign Bill 2491 into law.

Email at

Or call his office: (808) 241-4900
Or fax your letter: (808) 241-6877
Or mail or hand deliver your letter to:
4444 Rice Street, Suite 235
Lihue, HI 96766

In your letter or call, tell the Mayor why passage of Bill 2491 is important to you and your family.
For more points about why the Mayor needs to sign 2491 into law, click here.
Then take this quick poll to show support!
(Click here and scroll to right hand middle of page):
And know that these professionals and citizens
are with us 100% of the way:
  1. More than 50 doctors, nurses and mental health professionals on Kauai strongly urged the Mayor to sign the bill, citing current research on the health impacts of pesticides on newborns and children.
  2. The nation's top lawyers, who have been successful in challenging GMO companies in the courts, reassured the County of their legal support if Bill 2491 if challenged by agrochemical companies.
  3. Inspired by Bill 2491, our next generation of voters launched a voter registration campaign this week!
With this Call to Action, we hope that the Mayor will receive a windfall of encouraging letters and calls urging his support.
Imua kakou!  We're almost there - Let's kokua again together and show the Mayor and the world that:

The Council voted 6-1. The People Spoke.

Please Mayor - It's Time to Sign the Bill.

Malama Keiki.  Malama 'Aina.
Malama Po'e.



Unknown said...

I thought mayor can't veto 6 votes?

Mauibrad said...

lis kir,

He can try to veto it, and the Council might not have the 5 anymore to override it. Would be a mistake on Bernard's part.

Mauibrad said...

BTW, JoAnn said in her 5 minute speal (See IB: "How fast can you turn on a dime?") at the end of the night that the Mayor said he would not veto the bill at the end of the month. He never said any such thing. He never did actually answer that question when JoAnn posed it to him earlier in the day.

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