Hawaii International Film Festival

SUBHEAD: Films showing on in Waimea on Kauai, Saturday October 26th and Sunday the 27th.

By Linda Pascatore on 27 Oct 2013 for Island Breath - 

Image above: Still freame from "The Dressmaker's Daughter".  From (http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/the_dressmakers_daughter_2013).

Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF)
2013 HFF Fall Festival(http://program.hiff.org/schedule/week/a/2013-10-23)

On Kauai: showings at Historic Waimea Theater, St Regis Hotel, and Kukui Grove Cinema

Friday, Oct 26th through Sunday, Oct 27th 2013.

Saturday Schedule:
Historic Waimea Theater:
2:00 pm: Dancing Karate Kid
7:00 pm: Boomerang Family

St Regis Hotel:
2:30 pm: Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
6:30 pm: The Haumana

Sunday Schedule:
Kukui Grove Cinema:
11:30 am: Kon-Shin

Historic Waimea Theater:
11:30: Sand Wars
1:30 pm: Made in Hawaii Shorts
4:00: The Rocket
6:30: If Only ("Sana Dati")

St Regis Hotel:
2:30 pm: Lion Ark
5:00 pm: Ola


 Video above: Trailer for "Kon-Shin" showing in Kukui Grove Cinema at 11:30pm Sunday. From (http://youtu.be/PS5jeWnkqwk).

"Director Yoshinari Nishikori's new drama, based on the Kenichi Kawakami novel KONSHIN, showcases classical wrestling (Koten) and the natural beauty of the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture, where the history of Sumo dates back 300 years, played out in rings made of giant tree trunks ceremoniously carried into halls and covered with straw mats. Steeped in ancient traditions in a place that holds onto traditional culture we see a Japan which may not be familiar.

The film follows Hideaki (Sho Aoyagi) who reluctantly returns to his hometown of Okinoshima and remarries Tamiko (Ayumi Ito), causing a rift with his motherless young daughter. He throws himself into training with the local sumo stable and, gradually earning the respect of the once-estranged townspeople, he is selected for the coveted Ozeki position in the upcoming tournament. Preparing for the big championship, which is held every 20 years at Mizuwakasu Temple, the challenge becomes overwhelming, and the bond of his family and friends on the island support him as he steps into the suspense of final competition. 


 Video above: Trailer for "Sand Wars" showing in Waimea at 11:30pm Sunday. From (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAPfwwb59uY).

By the end of the 21st century, beaches will be a thing of the past. That is the alarming forecast of a growing number of scientists and environmental NGOs. Sand has become a vital commodity for our modern economies: we use it in our toothpaste, detergents, and cosmetics, and computers and mobiles couldn’t exist without it.

Our houses, skyscrapers, bridges and airports are all basically made with sand: it has become the most widely consumed natural resource on the planet after fresh water. The worldwide construction boom fuelled by emerging economies and increasing urbanization has led to intensive sand extraction on land and in the oceans, with damaging environmental impacts.

Sand Wars takes us around the world as it tracks the contractors, sand smugglers and unscrupulous property developers involved in the new gold rush, and meets the environmentalists and local populations struggling to reverse the threat to the future of this resource that we all take for granted. - See more at: http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/sand_wars_2013#sthash.jdbkOzr2.dpuf


Video above: Trailer for "The Rocket" showing in Waimea at 4:00pm Sunday. From (http://youtu.be/dDxt4gKyGfo).

Winner of both the Best First Feature award at Berlinale and Best Narrative Feature at Tribeca, THE ROCKET is a heartwarming coming-of-age tale set entirely in Laos. Kim Mordaunt, who made the excellent documentary BOMB HARVEST, which was also set in Laos, is clearly invested in the people and culture of the region, and tells this story with great empathy and authenticity. Ahlo is the surviving twin of a difficult birth and is believed by some to be a source of bad luck.

When 10-year-old Ahlo and his family are displaced by the construction of a dam, further tragedy strikes as they relocate. Upon reaching the relocation village, Ahlo befriends young Kia and her eccentric uncle Purple, but is still ostracised by the superstitious community, and even treated with suspicion by his own family.

Ahlo decides that his only hope of redemption is the Rocket Festival: a riotous, and dangerous, annual competition where huge bamboo rockets are set off to provoke the rain gods. Despite being too young to enter the competition, Ahlo is determined to succeed. Set amidst a beautiful landscape, and with lovely performances by the young actors, THE ROCKET is a sensitive and uplifting film.
- See more at: http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/rocket_the_2013#sthash.oQfKBveS.dpuf


 Video above: Trailer for "If Only" ("Sana Dati") showing in Waimea at 6:30pm Sunday. From (http://youtu.be/aQ0Ao4QQ-yI).

Winning awards for Best Direction and Best Film in the Director’s Showcase at this year’s Cinemalaya, HIFF is proud to present IF ONLY, the final film in Jerrold Tarog's Camera Trilogy (CONFESSIONAL and MANGATYANAN being the two previous films). It is a love story about a woman whose wedding is thrown into disarray when a mysterious person arrives and reminds her of the man she really loves.

GMA Network’s Sunday All Stars host Lovi Poe plays Andrea — a woman with secrets of her own. As she begins to prepare for her upcoming nuptials to the ambitious politician Robert (TJ Trinidad), Andrea meets Dennis (Paulo Avelino) the wedding videographer — who is on a mission to get information from her.

As the two begin to bond, Andrea begins to reminisce on her secret past, and her doubts on marrying Robert begin to grow. A moving film about contemporary love and relationships in present day Philippines, IF ONLY is imbued with a romantic spirit that is set to send audiences on an emotional roller coaster. - See more at: http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/if_only_2013#sthash.qWGWYj0I.dpuf

Image above: Still freame from "The Dressmaker's Daughter" showing Sunday at Waimea Theatre at 1:30pm.  From (http://program.hiff.org/films/detail/the_dressmakers_daughter_2013).


"It's 1940 in Hawaii. Barbara Kim is 8-years-old living in a friendly community of diverse cultures and ethnicities. She’s raised by her widowed mother, a first-generation Korean immigrant who’s a hard-working, skillful dressmaker and successful businesswoman. At an early age, Barbara dreams of becoming a broadcaster, but life takes an unexpected twist when her mother falls ill.

Barbara’s priorities change as she supports her ailing mother and pays for her mounting hospital bills. While Barbara makes a career change to be by her mother's side, a popular TV show needs to find a new host. The producer conducts months of auditions without finding the right replacement. He begins to lose hope until he makes an important discovery that leads him to Barbara Kim.


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