Nakamura to replace Heu

SUBHEAD: Into the lifeboat. Councilperson Nakamura to be new Kauai County Managing Director.

By Joan Conrow on 11 October 2013 for Kauai Eclectic -

Image above: A woman in a lifeboat as the sun sets on Kauai. mashup by Juan Wilson.

Nadine Nakamura, vice chair of the Kauai County Council, will be resigning her seat to become the new county managing director, effective Nov. 1.

Nadine was first elected to the Council in 2010 and emerged as the top vote-getter in the 2012 race. She holds a master's degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Hawaii and has more than 20 years' experience as a planner and facilitator, skills that will serve her well in managing the county and its relationship with the Council.

She takes the place of Gary Heu, who several months ago announced his resignation, effective Oct. 31.

Nadine's departure will leave a significant void on the Council, where she was known for pragmatic, thoughtful decisions and careful attention to detail.

Her colleagues will choose her successor. According to the County Charter:

In the event a vacancy occurs in the council, the remaining members of the council shall appoint a successor with the required qualifications to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. If the council is unable to fill a vacancy within (30) days after its occurrence, the mayor shall make the appointment to such vacancy.

The question now is who the Council will choose as her replacement. Former Councilman Kipukai Kualii finished eighth in the 2012 race.

Nakamura into the lifeboat

SUBHEAD: It will be interesting to see if Nakamura pushes to defer Bill 2491 tomorrow, as Mayor Carvalho wishes.

By Juan Wilson on 14 October 2013 for Island Breath -

It seems too much of a coincidence that the appointment of Nadine Nakamure to the post of County Managing Director will begin immediately after the conclusion of the deliberations on Bill 2491. It followed Mayor Carvalho's feeble uninformed testimony to the county council on  Bill 2491 alongside his equally clueless "manager" Gary Hue.

All along Nakamura, along with JoAnn Yukimura, has been walking a narrow line that appears to support the popular bill to regulate pesticide/GMO activity on Kauai. However, they both contributed to weakening the bill's EIS and permitting provisions.

My opinion is that Bill 2491 is something both women would like to see disappear. It puts them in a conflict that is politically damaging.

The offer of the position of Kauai County Managing Director to Nadine is a natural one, but comes at a time that casts a shadow over her vote on Bill 2491. Is she now the agent of Mayor Bernard Carvalho on the County Council?

Certainly the timing will let her bail out of the politically precarious repercussions that may follow. Right after the fate of Bill 2491 is determined she will be ensconced in a nicely paid comfy executive job for the mayor.

Let's hope she can give the mayor better more effective advise than Gary Heu. At least I trust she'll do her homework.



Mauibrad said...

You're far too trusting, Juan.

Juan Wilson said...

Aloha Brad,

Nadine can vote for the bill tomorrow or be finished with progressives on this island. That goes for JoAnn Yukumura too.

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