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SUBHEAD: Because of the significant changes, the PLDC plans to take the rules out for a second round of public hearings.

By Staff on 4 October 2012 for Civil Beat -


Image above: PLDC staff members Lloyd Haraguchi, Randal Ikeda and William Aila hear testimony from public in September on rules. From (

Staff of the Public Land Development Corporation have significantly changed the proposed rules for governing the agency, which acts as a development arm of the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Because of the significant changes, the PLDC plans to take the rules out for a second round of public hearings.

The PLDC board will vote on the proposed revisions as well as the request for hearings at its next meeting on October 11. The board will also consider the adoption of a strategic plan to govern the organization.

The agenda as well as proposed rule changes can be found ( and  (

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Anonymous said...

Keep public lands public. PLDC is nothing more than a pimp attempting to sell public lands to the highest bidder. PLDC reeks of corruption in its attempt to privatize public lands which belong to the people, not to corporations who have no interest in the people despite their despicable lies claiming otherwise. Don't prostitute public lands to corporate sharks.

Corporations + government = fascism.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, but it's not only the corporate sharks, it's the damn radical hawaiians that the governor is trying to shut up by passing on favors! Mililani Trask is a prime example of that! Girls gone Wild. She went to the dark side! A fighter for hawaiians who got arrested, all in the name of justice for the kanaka, now look, she's marching to the tune of preferential treatment from the governor for her renewable energy business. Auwe!

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