PLDC Ceded Land Grab Finale

SUBHEAD: In a nut shell - Please take action against PLDC - this is the scariest law we've seen in Hawaii.  

By Shannon Rudoph on 29 August 2012 in Island Breath - 
Image above: Poster for live broadcast of Oahu PLDC Rules meeting starting at 6:00pn tonight. From Shannon Rudolph. Click to see live video.

 [IB editor's note: This article includes several source files put together by Shannon Rudolph ( Tonight is the important Oahu Public Land Development Corporation meeting. Then Friday is the last public meeting on this subject on August 31 (6:00 p.m.) on Kauai at Elsie H. Wilcox Elementary School in Lihue.]

 If you have not already signed this on-line petition, I urge you to consider it and send it on to people who trust your judgement. The law that established the Public Land Development Corporation (Act 55) is a most dangerous law. It expects we the people to trust that a board of 5 appointees will make the right decisions about how to develop public lands to make "optimal use of public land for the economic, environmental, and social benefit of the people of Hawaii." Not only that but once public lands are conveyed to the PLDC, they are no longer defined as "public lands," thanks to HB 2398 (passed this year).

I've added my name to this petition with the following comment: "Act 55 exempts the PLDC from complying with state and county land use laws and regulations that exist to protect the public's interests. It creates a double-standard for the development of public lands by exempting them from the regulations that exist to protect Hawai`i from unwise land development! Why risk our precious public lands and resources in this way?!" Mahalo for your time. This is very important to Keeping Public Lands Public!  


AND HERE: Watch/Listen to the O'ahu PLDC meeting LIVE, Wednesday 29 August 2012 @ 6:00pm on ( or on TV, Ch.53 , archives there and at Public Radio)  

REPEAL ACT 55 Take the government back! We hope all is well with you and your ohana. We ask for your kokua again to REPEAL Act 55, a bureaucratic corporation that usurps Hawaii's public trust and assets. This you-tube video gives an essence of what PLDC is all about! Scroll to 3:30 and see Abercrombie explain about Land and Money! Owning, controlling, manipulating, income stream, and the like.

Video above: Congressman Neil Aberchrombie testifying on public land grab in Hawaii. (  

Brief History
Senate Bill 1555 (authored and pushed by Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz and Malama Solomon) was enacted as Act 55 ~ Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC) by Governor Neil Abercrombie in 2011. Act 55 establishes the PLDC as a State development corporation attached to the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) to develop public lands placed under the PLDC jurisdiction, including but not limited to existing open shoreline areas, conservation lands, agricultural lands, and small boat harbors, for commercial purposes to generate revenue for the State. Act 55 allows PLDC to exempt development projects from regulatory oversight.PLDC now has over-arching powers to make optimal economic, environmental, and social use of Hawaii’s public lands. PLDC commission is now stacked with pro-development cronies.  

QUICK SUMMARY The PLDC is authorized to:
Develop and implement public lands projects and facilities to create revenue-generating centers or where, through detailed analysis, opportunities exist to exploit potential local, national, and international markets.  

Exemption from Lawful Development Requirements:
PLDC projects shall be exempt from all statutes, ordinances, charter provisions, and rules of any government agency relating to land use, zoning, and construction standards for subdivisions, development, and improvement of land; the construction, improvement, and sale of homes thereon; and special improvement district assessments or requirements PLDC Powers.  

Acquire or contract to acquire: All privately owned real property or any interest therein and improvements thereon determined by the PLDC to be necessary or appropriate for its purposes, including real property … in excess of that needed for such use … where other justifiable cause necessitates acquisition for the contemplated improvements Recommend to the DLNR board the “purchase of any privately owned properties that may be appropriate for development”  

Exemption from Taxation: The PLDC shall not be required to pay state taxes of any kind. And, finally PLDC will become Hawaii’s ultimate BIG BROTHER. Private property owners will need to pay for infrastructure costs if they live near one of these “improvements” because it is for the “public good”.PLDC foreign corporations will merely plan, build, and profit. In other words, the government can now force you to pay for their cronies’ development schemes to ensure their profits. ACTION 

ALERT: Our beaches, parks, and school grounds are not for sale or lease to greedy developers. Allow the existing entitles like the Department of Land and Natural Resources to continue management. If there are management problems, audit and fix the problem.Another bureaucratic fiefdom to usurp Hawaii's public assets is not the solution! We, the people, want to Repeal Act 55 to abolish PLDC.Hawaii's public lands are for future generations and not for political cronies! Please kokua! Share this petition to Governor Neil Abercombie, Hawaii State Senate and House of Representatives. Please also ask the following question of all candidates:Will you support the Repeal of Act 55?  

DEADLINE for WRITTEN TESTIMONY on Administrative Rules Draft to PLDC is SEPTEMBER 14, 2012.

Please email your comments to:
SUBJECT: Senate Bill 1555 PLDC Rules

Senate Bill 1555 – authored and pushed by Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz

gone awry


Dela Cruz - Public Enemy to Open Government Say -
Public Enemy to Open Government
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Hearing about this bill, it sounds like a drug addict so desperate for money that he is trying to steal and sell the home of his own grandmother. It is difficult for the drug addict to see past his own need.

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