Election 2012 - OHA Trustees

SUBHEAD: We are supporting Walter Ritte and Jackie Burke for OHA Trustees at-large and on Kauai.

By Juan  Wilson on 26 October 2012 for Island Breath -

Image above: Walter Ritte (r) campaigning in Lihue for OHA Trustee. From (https://www.facebook.com/WalterRitte).

This election there are candidates running for positions as trustee to Office of the Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). OHA's mission is:
"To mālama (protect) Hawai'i's people and environmental resources and OHA's assets, toward ensuring the perpetuation of the culture, the enhancement of lifestyle and the protection of entitlements of Native Hawaiians, while enabling the building of a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation, recognized nationally and internationally."
There is one trustee position open for each county as well as one for trustee at-large. Each voter can select their local and at large preference (two picks).

On Kauai we have the possibilities listed below for OHA reprsentatives, courtesy of the League of Women Voters. the source also lists statewide all candidates that are running for office with bios. (see http://www.lwv-hawaii.com/candidates-2012.htm).

Our pick of the candidates for OHA are Walter Ritte for trustee at-large and Jackie Burke Kahookele for representing the Island of Kauai.  

The latter was  a difficult choice. On Walter Ritte's Facebook page there was a comment that indicated he supported Leland "Radar" Yadao of Lihue. We had intended to support Leyland as well.

In his favor, Leyand has been immersed in the Hawaiian culture and had held office in the Reinstated Nation of Hawaii. There is little doubt of his support of Hawaiian rights and the importance of its culture. However, he does not seem to have credible campaign presence that could lead to his election.

His League of Women Voters info and bio consist of his name, PO Box and a cellphone number. He does not appear to have a presence in the critical technologies that inform the public today. That will not get a candidate to office in 2012. 

On the other hand, we have worked with Jackie Burke in the past on the Aha Kiole Council in developing statewide ahapuaa and moku boundaries. We feel she can be an effective trustee concerning Hawaiian affairs. 

We have also seen Walter Ritte has a key progressive on issues that have statewide impact on Hawaii and its culture. They include Hawaiian sovereignty, GMO's, the Superferry, and the US military and more.

OHA Trustee At Large
Island Breath selection

Ritte, Walter L. (NS)
Lot 69E Puupeelua Ave, Hoolehua 96729 (808) 567-9415 rittew@hotmail.com   www.facebook.com/walterritte
The flurry of anti environmental laws from our legislature and supported by our Governor, the laws privatizing our natural resources and ocean, the rulings to cover our farm lands with houses, the continued diversion of rivers for private developers at the expense of traditional taro farmers and life in the rivers have all sent shivers down my spine.

There is a war against our environment. Hawaiians have an uncompromising kuleana (obligation) to protect Haloa (environment) the first born. We can not drink the river waters, our shorelines and reefs and ocean are being devoid of food, our forest are the "now extinct" capital of the nation, our farmlands are becoming dust bowls filled with chemicals. I want to help stop this war on our environment

Kauai OHA Trustee
Island Breath selection
Burke, Jackie Kahookele (NS)
P.O. Box 927, Lihue 96766 (808) 382-2019 jackiekahookeleburke@gmail.com   www.burkeforoha.com
I humbly ask all of Hawaii’s people in this a statewide election to elect me as at the next OHA Kauai Trustee.

Unification of our Hawaiian people will always be part of what I will do as OHA Trustee of Kauai. We can not allow our current leaders to lead us down a silent road to self-determination, in comparison to the voices from every island who signed the Ku`e Petition.

Please visit my website: www.burkeforoha.com for my background and experience.

My education, my experience, business expertise , extensive community involvement and my world adventures have prepared me to undertake the work that lies ahead of us. I will strive to be that leader using my talents, skills and strengths to be innovative, transparent and devoted to lifting our Nation of Hawaii and its citizens into the next level of self-determination… of the people, by the people and for the people!

I ask to be your “Kahookele”, a political navigator
  • to cross over this ocean of transition,
  • to insure the sustainability of our `aina, oceans, resources, economy,
  • to promote education, language and culture
  • to raise our health standards and status
  • to be the a leader to work on public policies and political challenges
… for our children’s future, to honor our kupuna and to anchor our cultural values as stewards of this `aina.

Hapai au, hapai oe, I luna kakou. I Lift , You lift, Together We Rise!

Other At-Large OHA Candidates
No Island Res. Req (Pick 1)
Akina, Keli'i (NS)

P.O. Box 61036, Honolulu 96839 (808) 256-9792 kelii@ewle.net 
Aloha mai! As a trustee of OHA, I commit myself to use its financial wealth for the benefit of everyone: Hawaiians by blood and Hawaiians by choice. My message is that OHA is for everyone! Hawai’i is a safe harbor for people from all lands across the world. We can only raise the water level of one boat by raising the water level for all boats.

 OHA can only solve the housing, employment, and educational needs of the Hawaiian people by fulfilling its mandate to serve the needs of all people. The resources to meet these needs already exist, but what is needed is leadership that can unite people together rather than divide them. My life has been committed to serving the community by developing leaders dedicated to the common good. If elected, I will work for the benefit and unity of all Hawai’i’s people.

Apoliona, Suzanne Haunani (NS) *
1447 Frank St., Honolulu 96816 (808) 737-9011 haunani@apoliona.org   www.apoliona.org
Aloha mai kakou, ke ‘olu’olu e ho’i hou ia’u i ko’u kuleana ma OHA i keia Novemapa.

Working nearly 40 years with and on behalf of Native Hawaiians has been my journey of service. Elected an OHA Trustee At Large in 1996 re-elected in 2000, 2004, 2008, I now seek a 5th term of office.

I earned my Master’s in Social Work at UH Manoa in 1976, worked at Third Circuit Court and CFS; then in 1978 began as a CETA Counselor at ALU LIKE, Inc. advancing to Community Specialist, Oʻahu Island Center Administrator, HHS Program Planner, Director of Programs and ultimately to ALU LIKE President/CEO (1991-1997). I resigned from ALU LIKE January 10, 1997 upon taking my Trustee oath of office. After serving in various board leadership positions, I became OHA Board Chairperson in 2000, serving until December 2010; and am the longest serving OHA Board Chair in OHA’s 32 year history.

We accomplished much in my decade tenure but OHA’s 2010-2018 strategic plan priorities in Health, Governance, Education, Economic Self-Sufficiency, Stewardship of Land, Water and Culture remain works in progress. Responsible development of OHA owned lands in Kaka’ako makai; establishing Native Hawaiian governance for recognition remain important priorities for OHA in this term, along with an OHA co-trusteeship role for internationally recognized Papahanaumokuakea. Defending Native Rights and benefits to sustain resources into our communities empowering Native Hawaiians and strengthening Hawai’i is the overall objective. With your support I will serve that cause in my fifth term. Mahalo nui.

Lee, Cal (NS)
P.O. Box 4662, Honolulu 96812-4662 (808) 585-6126 cal.lee4oha@gmail.com   www.VoteCalLee.com
I have had a great career as a teacher, coach, and motivator. I would to like to use my experience to serve Hawaiian communities as an OHA trustee.

Lincoln, Lancelot Haili (NS)
67-330 Goodale Ave., B28, Waialua 96791 (808) 628-1855  


Makekau, Kealii J. (NS)
P.O.Box 372071, Honolulu 96837 (808) 947-4343 Kealii8@lava.net  

Aloha I am Kealii J. Makekau or often just called “Makekau” and I am running for the seat in the OHA Trustee at large election 2012 for the state of Hawaii. I was born august 20th 1970 on Oahu, residing my whole life just outside the Waikiki/Kapahulu Southside area. I graduated from Saint Louis high school in 1988 and attended K.C.C but never earning a degree choosing rather to work and assist in care giving for my mother till her demise. Basically I describe myself as a “Independent” and defines that as one who defends and promotes liberty as a Heritage and a Destiny. All in all There’s no hidden agenda and no special interest running my campaign. Truth in and truth out.

My hope is to bring new perspectives and renewed values to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs through my cultural and governmental experience. Love and respect for the Hawaiian people have inspired me to assist OHA navigate our complex modern world. My independent and common sense resolve in answering the call for new blood/leadership is why people should vote for me. Liberty and justice for all is a sacred obligation, one that I hold dear and as Trustee one that I will always champion.

The long-term sustainability of Native Hawaiian Assets is crucial, after all OHA’s efforts, like education, land management, fiscal resilience, economic sustainability, youth awareness, geothermal, health and Sovereignty are made possible due to the "peoples" resources and assets from the trust.
[2010: candidate for OHA Trustee, No Island Res. Req (3). Won Primary.]

Other Kauai OHA Trustee Candidates
Island of Kauai (Pick 1)

Ahuna, Dan (NS)
P.O. Box 1355, Kapaa 96746 (808) 634-4319 d2ahuna@mac.com   

Alalem Worthington, Keola
P.O. Box 1501, Kapaa 96746 (808) 635-0603 worthingtonkeola@gmail.com  

Albao, Liberta Hussey (NS) P.O. Box 164, Kapaa 96746 (808) 652-8290 liberta@hawaiilink.net  

Kagawa Fu, Kanani (NS)
P.O. Box 3296, Lihue 96766 (808) 652-2073 kananiforoha@gmail.com   www.kananiforoha.com
Aloha mai kākou!
With the blessing and support of my ‘ohana, dearest friends and mentors, it is with humility and gratitude that I announce my candidacy for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) Kaua‘i Trustee.
In the upcoming years, OHA will play a pivotal role in supporting Native Hawaiian policies that will affect future generations. This includes: management of our assets and resources; progressing towards self-determination; and continuing to advocate for the betterment of Native Hawaiians.
The above will require a leader who is educated in various areas, rooted in our communities and willing to working with – not against - the current trustees and administration. A leader who will HOLOMUA!
Having been raised in Anahola Hawaiian Homestead, and in working for Native Hawaiian serving organizations, I know first hand the issues that affect us. I am also aware of the multitude of opportunities and possibilities that exist for our people.
  • I am a firm believer that education is the foundation for success, and as an OHA trustee I will make educational opportunities for Native Hawaiians a priority.
  • I understand the need for Hawai‘i to provide our people with a sustainable economy so that we may continue to live and prosper. I will support efforts to promote local agriculture, renewable energy and tourism.
  • The people and culture of Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau are unique, and I am committed to restoring and preserving our cultural resources.
I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming General Election on Nov. 6, 2012.

Pacheco, Haunani (NS)
P.O. Box 158, Kilauea 96754 (808) 652-7811 pacheco@hawaiian.net  
Aloha kakou!
Haunani Pacheco ko’u inoa. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself. I have lived on Kaua’i since the early 1950’s in the Hanalei, Anini, Kilauea, and Anahola area with my grandparents when I was not attending school in Honolulu. I truly believe that at this time of Hawaiian Renaissance or new birth, I possess the background that is needed to implement OHA’s strategic plan and manage the resources and assets, especially the 10 acre parcels in Kaka’ako Makai.
      The Kamehameha Schools 1955 – 1968
      Kauai Community College 1970 Accounting
      University of Hawaii Hilo 1997 BS Agriculture/Tropical Horticulture
      Princeville Corporation 1973 – 1992 Property/Guest Management
      Pahio 1992 – 1995 Principal Broker
      Hanalei Bay Resort 1998 – 2008 Principal Broker
      Hawaiian Paradise Flowers 1998 – Present, Owner
      Wai’oli Hui’ia Church Since Childhood, Presently Moderator
      Liquor Control Commissioner 1989 – 1995
      Kilauea Neighborhood Ass’n 1973 – 1995
      Kilauea Improvement Advisory 1986 – 1988
      Kauai Farm Bureau
      Kauai Anthurium Ass’n
      Hawaii Tropical Flower & Foliage Ass’n
God has blessed me with supportive family and friends and he must really love you and me because he put us on the most beautiful island in the world. My vision for all Native Hawaiians is that there is affordable housing for all that want housing, that the best medical care and medicines are available to us, that ‘Olelo Hawaii is common place in our household and community, that we are not working 3 jobs to make ends meet, that we can sustain ourselves by taking care of our natural resources like our kupuna did, that we can govern ourselves and live in peace with each other. Aloha Ke Akua!

Sahut, Ronson K. (NS) P.O. Box 674, Kalaheo 96741 (808) 212-6116 ronsonkealii@hotmail.com  

Santos, D. Kaliko (NS)
P.O. Box 1541, Lihue 96766 (808) 346-0841 kalikosantos@yahoo.com  
  • Over 20 years working at Hawaiian Organizations – Alu Like Inc., Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) and Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA)
  • Currently Community Outreach Coordinator with OHA – Kaua‘i
  • Dept of Transportation – Citizens Advisory Committee (Regional Plan)
  • Dept of Transportation – Stakeholders Advisory Committee (Statewide Plan)
  • CEDS (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy) for Kaua‘i– focus on Culture & Arts
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trained
  • Past member – Kauai/Niihau Island Burial Council
  • Past member – American Red Cross/Kauai Advisory Council
  • Past volunteer – American Red Cross, assigned to Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Kauai Civil Defense
  • Born and raised on Kaua‘i
  • I want to be your investment as Kaua‘i Trustee at OHA making a difference for the betterment of all Hawaiians and our communities across Hawai‘i
Kū no ka pono! [Stand for righteousness!]

Swain, Billy Kealamaikahiki (NS)                               
      401 Papaloa Rd.  Kapaa 96746 (808) 652-6087 wtks@hawaii.rr.com  

Yadao, Leland K. (Radar) (NS) P.O. Box 861, Lihue 96766 (808) 635-7005   

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