KIUC Board Recommendations

SUBHEAD: Even though we are not KIUC members and cannot vote for board members, we do have an opinion. By Juan Wilson on 6 March 2012 for Island Breath - ( Image above: Detail of poster created by Jonathan Jay. From ( It has been our opinion that KIUC has not been a co-op from the get-go and that its board, lead by David Bissel has been secretive, high-handed and backward thinking. There have been a few sparks of light over the last few years, but only a few. We, like Andy Parx, think that what we thought were progressive thinkers elected to the board have been a disappointment (see Disconcerting Disconnection). However, this year there is an opportunity to change the balance of power on the board that could bring a more progressive majority to the decision making process. It could take KIUC in the direction of being a real co-operative. We agree with the recommendations of (Power to the People Kauai) and advocate voting for three of the four following individuals seeking KIUC board positions (in our preferred order):
Pat Gegen, Energy, and Zero Waste Activist, Leader Apollo Kauai Karen Bald­win Attor­ney at law, for­mer Senior Coun­cil for KIUC Ken Stokes, Green Econ­o­mist, Blog­ger and Sus­tain­abil­ity ╩╗guru╩╗

Joel Guy, North Shore Com­mu­nity Orga­nizer, for­mer aide to Mina Morita

Image above: Kauai Electric box from the old days. From ( in ( Recommendation from Marj Dente on 6 March 2012 - ( Aloha friends, neighbors, relatives and everyone on Kauai who understand this is the year to change the majority on the KIUC Board of Directors in order to make significant and timely progress toward installing renewable energy sources to eventually reduce our electricity rates. KIUC Ballots are in the mail, having just received mine Saturday. Most if not all of you know that I do my homework when it comes to elections for local issues, so that is why you are on my list. I have a change in my recommendations for the 3 candidates to vote for from my previous Feb 14 e-mail to you. Since then, a new person added her petition to be a candidate. Her name is Karen Baldwin . After attending four out of the five community forums to hear all candidates speak, I am changing my 3 votes to include Ken Stokes, Pat Gegen and Karen Baldwin. I am so sorry there are only 3 positions open as I would definitely cast my 4th vote for Joel Guy as he is a very worthy and qualified candidate and would work toward my goals for the Co-op. But, a member can vote only for 3 candidates, so YOU choose. And please note that only the person's name on your ballot is allowed to vote. If you do not get a ballot because you are a renter, please pass my information onto your owner. There is no excuse for any KIUC member to NOT VOTE or to vote for someone because they have been "told" to vote for a certain person(s) who may be recommended by their organized social club. Those that I have recommended far outweigh any of the qualifications of the other 5 candidates, including the two incumbents. Two of the other KIUC Nominated candidates, Lester Calipjo and Calvin Murashige apparently did not think it important enough to attend more than only one forum for Calipjo and two for Murashige, and their answers were embarrassingly uninformed. My three choices attended EVERY forum and were totally prepared to give in depth responses with excellent ideas as how to achieve very important KIUC goals that will be necessary for at least the next 5 years. Joel Guy unfortunately could not attend the last two due to an unplanned health issue. So, I hope you will spread the word about the best candidates and vote accordingly. I've taken the time to attend the forums and all Board meetings since Spring 2011 to get my choices and information out to you. AND I am counting on you to change the majority on the Board so that, in my opinion, we can make amazing progress in the years ahead to eventually lower our electric rates and work toward a completely transparent democratic process for our co-op. Thanks for your consideration. .

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