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SUBHEAD: It is Hawaiians and part-Hawaiians who should have jurisdiction and title over Crown lands of Hawaii. [IB Editor's note: The following post was derived from a comment by Kawehi Kanui who authored the Letter of Intervention featured in the article "Claim for Hawaiian Crown Lands". As a "Comment" it was written informally and has been reset and edited as a full post below. For the text of theoriginal comment visit that article.] By Rita Kawehi Kanui-Gil on 20 February 2012 to OHA - ( Image above: Tents of the homeless in Waeanae, Oahu, Hawaii. From ( Aloha, my name is Kawehi Kanui author of the Letter of Intervention posted on 2/20/12 on IslandBreath. I would like to thank those who put it up on this site. [IB note: It was submitted to us by Laurel Douglass ( in an email.] That article has caused controversy worldwide and now, there are people who want to help us and we welcome the opportunity and challenges that come with this kuleana, As an advocate for over 40 years, our call for independence came before many "leaders" "came on the scene". It is not new to me that many are called but few are chosen...that is the law of relativity and continues to evolve. As an advocate that Hawaii continue to remain a neutral country, it takes creativity and blessings from above to last this long in a movement that sometimes is seen as a negative when really, it is all about being positive and diplomatic at the same time. The present systems are going in the wrong direction, on purpose. The reason I wrote this piece was due to an international attorney's perspective that I write down, to the best of my ability, what happened and title it: "Letter of Intervention"; claiming all Crown Lands for the Hawaiians, part Hawaiians and everybody else who plans to make Hawaii their home. The Letter was written to take care of the inequalities in the system for the people vs "the system" regarding the high cost of living. It was written to achieve justice for large number of Hawaiians who are; prison inmates, homeless, waiting fore houselots, and measured by blood quantum issues. Waimanalo will be the pilot program of HOW to better serve the Hawaiians and part Hawaiians caught up in the imposition of American law. We will use education to share how these laws are a service to mainland Americans and a disservice to the local people in Hawaii.

Now what?

Itʻs time people to do their best in whatever arena they are in until we are united as a people. It's time to move forward not backwards. That is the way of Na Aha Maluhia. It is only through peaceful transition will we succeed as a people on our own homelands.

We are hiring an international attorney to discuss all the FRAUD that has been committed against us since 1893 to the present.

We are concentrating on documenting the FRAUD committed from 1999 to the present. We are identifying individuals and will give notice and orders to cease and desist from "giving" lands that don't belong to the State of Hawaii. They have NO TITLE, "to give" away land and that's the first lesson here

So what did the State give to OHA? Nothing! So why did they call the meeting? To give OHA recognition and to push SB 2783, through their processes BEFORE the hearing of the people.

That is FRAUD, straight up, and people like Malia Kaaihue, Bill Meheula, Randall Sakamoto and other "Executive Team" members who are supposed to be doing closer research did not talk about, "the title" to these Kaka'ako Lands which are Crown Lands.

Those lands cannot be encumbered by the State, or OHA, because they have no genealogy to the title. That is what Liliuokalani was talking about in her, "Red Ribbon Letter". They cannot take away the Jurisdiction and Title to all the Crown Lands. They still remain in the hands of the Hawaiians and Part Hawaiians.

The State just doesn't know it. That's because they have been brainwashed to believe that they are Americans. In fact they remain Hawaiian nationals, with the koko "blood" that connects to the tutu who lived back in the Kingdom. There is no limits as to what we all can do, individually and together

Let's leave it in God's hands to decide what hand he wants to play in the game of life and make sure we live it to the fullest.

With Love and Light I respectfully welcome more support from overseas and sign this letter: Kawehi Kanui, Po'o Na Aha Maluhia (NAM) from the Ahupua'a of Waimanalo.


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Anonymous said...

Could you please clarify a solution? I donʻt see it yet.

An international lawyer is fine but how will he/she be employed, in other words is a case being prepared?

Why are you concentrating on documenting the FRAUD committed from 1999 to the present? What is significant about 1999 compared to all the prior years of fraud?

And please explain what a "part-hawaiian" is. It kind of sounds like america apartheid speak.

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