North Shore flooding at Lumahai

SOURCE: Michael Sheehan ( SUBHEAD: Advise from one north shore resident; "If you have property in Haena, sell it quick, or buy a boat to get there."  

By Terry Lilley on 12 March 2012 via email-  

Image above: Kuhio Highway, undercut by heavy rains, may fail at Lumahai, and that's the only way Haena. From original email.

I just went down to the big landslide under the Kuhio Hwy in Lumahai and had to climb a steep cliff and a tree but finally got high enough to look at the landslide under the road. Workers were doing some type of emergency drilling, hopefully to stabilize the road but as you can see if a little more of the cliff falls away the road will be gone!

 I won't be taking video from this spot again (without a helicopter) as it took me 90 minutes to climb up this old goat or Memehune trail, barefoot through the hau bush then climb a tree and knock off a few branches so I could see the cliff! Will let the DLNR take the next pics!

Image above: Endangered moorhens crossing Kuhio Highway because of flooding. From original email.

Also is a included is a photo of two endangered Moorhens running across Kuhio Highway today before they get squished by cars! This is the problem when it floods in town instead of the wetland as the birds get washed into Hanalei and get run over by cars!

 In California the US Fish & Wildlife Service would come out and lead cars through the area to avoid killing the endangered birds but in Hanalei is it just OK to run them over even though there is only a few hundred of these birds left on the entire planet! Every flood this happens and I call the USFWS but they never even return my calls! In 2009 I took video of 24 of them squished on the road!


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