It's Armistice Day!

SUBHEAD: Somehow we have turned the remembrance of the horrors of war into a celebration of patriotic nostalgia. Image above: Member of Army recruiting team at a Plainfield High School football game in New Jersey, 11/26/09. From ( By Juan Wilson on 11 November 2010 - Yesterday my wife, Linda, called me from the elementary school where she works. She was upset because her campus was hosting a celebration of Veteran's Day. Drill teams, speeches, canned country-western styled patriotic music, an assembly, etc. Today I got an email from It was purportedly from Michele.
Juan, Veterans Day provides us with the chance to mark the debt of honor we owe to all those who have worn the uniform of the United States. We remember those who gave their lives beneath our flag, in service of our freedom. And with so many still fighting, we owe special thanks to the courageous families of those who serve. Because when our servicemen and women deploy overseas, their loved ones are left to undertake heroic battles of their own at home. The unique challenges they face in support of men and women in uniform allow us all to enjoy the freedoms of our democracy. Every time I have a chance to meet with these families, I'm struck by their strength and their quiet dignity -- they are truly some of the most selfless, courageous people I've met. And today is also a day to acknowledge the sacrifices these brave men and women make every day, and pray for the safe return of those they love. I've felt their calling personally, and I want to encourage Americans across the country to step up and do more for our military families. Take the time to stay informed about the concerns and activities of the families of service members in your community. Let them know you recognize their struggles and appreciate all they do. You can help by finding out the needs of the military families in your community and volunteering, from working with your local school's PTA to hiring a military spouse. Today and every day, I am moved by the personal sacrifices made by service families. And I'm humbled by the patriotism of those they support -- our soldiers and airmen, our sailors and Marines. Today, if you can, please take a moment to offer your gratitude for the families of the veterans and active service members that you know. Or go online to to find out how you can serve military families in your area. Sincerely, Michelle
My response to the email was this.
Aloha Barack & Michele, Somehow we have turned the remembrance of the horrors of war into a celebration of patriotic nostalgia. This is Armistice Day - not Veterans Day. This day was set aside on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month in 1919 after the Great War ended. That nightmare was to be the war that ended all war, remember? Armistice Day was to help us recall of the horrors of war and to cherish peace. It was not to honor wars veterans and embrace patriotism. Once World War Two began, The Great War had to be renamed World War One and once permanent war became the modus operandi of the United States, Armistice Day had to become Veterans Day. My wife works in an elementary school that serves pre-school & kindergarten on our island, Kauai. Yesterday members of a middle-school uniformed rifle drill team performed as an "entertainment" for the younger children. They were just mock rifles, but what is the message? Is this an appropriate educational lesson for young children? It is certainly not a rejection of war. Ironically, the school has a zero-tolerance regulation regarding guns on campus that includes punishment for even pointing a finger at another child and saying "Bang!". America's leaders don't seem have a clue... and that includes you, who represent the best we have to offer. Our country is not fighting for freedom or against terrorism. The result of the wars you are pursuing is destroying personal freedom, encouraging terrorism and dishonoring our soldiers. There is no other explanation to this behavior but our addiction to crude oil to support our unsupportable status quo. It's time to let go. Return to our gardens. Peace to you on Armistice Day... you fools. Juan Wilson - Publisher: PO Box 949 Hanapepe HI 96716 (808) 335-0733
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Anonymous said...

Well done pops!
I've been confronting the same patriotic moronic dribble for days. Long live Armistice Day and the brief view of enduring peace it granted humanity!
Well done.
House Man.

jonathan jay said...

you fools!

(isn't that in april?)


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