Many choose driving & not flying

SUBHEAD: Record 92% of travelers choose not fly. Millions driving. TSA blinks in face of We Won’t Fly and Opt Out Day campaigns. Image above: Still of TSA agent groping a traveler from video below. By George Donnelly on 24 November 2010 for We Won't Fly - ( There are also reports that the TSA started dialing back its security theater last night. We hear they’re not selecting as many people for the scanners and the gropings are not touching genital areas.

A Zogby poll came out last night. 61% are with us in our opposition to the groping and scanning. 48% are looking to join our boycott – they’re seeking alternatives to flying.
Video above: Message from " From ( CBS reports that a record number of Thanksgiving travelers have opted to drive:

A record 92 percent, 40 million of the 42.2 million total travelers, are expected to drive, although the number of air travelers is expected to increase from 1.57 million to 1.62 million. CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg warns that the much ballyhooed, new, invasive, airport security screening procedures at U.S. airports is expected to significantly slow air travel time.

Correction: ABC reports it’s 94%: “We’re expecting 94 percent of all holiday travelers to go by automobile,” [Troy] Green [AAA national spokesperson] said, up 12 percent from last year.

I caution that these are early reports and the evening rush is yet to transpire. I polled folks on Twitter and Facebook. Here is what they had to say:

“LaGuardia is definitely unusually quiet. Food Court workers remarked they thought it’d be much busier 2day” – lolitapop

“If the scanners at LAX are off, isnt that because of #wewontfly?” – TheLAPodshow

“On news reports, many talk about walking straight through without a scan.” docsharp

“I made it through security at SJC with no hassle and just a step through the magnetometer.” – Scott B. on Facebook.

“From the people I have talked with, and from a Flyer website I frequent, it seems the TSA was prepared for all the media attention this holiday. I am hearing that even as of yesterday procedures are more relaxed than previously reported, and from my own experience. X-ray machines were not being used except for a very very very small group of the population if at all, the pat downs were very mild, and ‘grand-mother’ type TSA agents were there to greet, smile, and help the public.” – Many S.

“According to MSNBC, reports are coming in that people are getting though the checkpoints in record time.” – Carol B.

“Boston Logan about 8:30 am, 20 minute line, only one person chosen for screenings. He opted out. They are afraid to pull people out for screenings, so in essence the protest has worked. Don’t count on much news coverage, but think they’ll be back to pulling 2 out of 6 tomorrow.” – Marianne S.

“A friend from Orlando went through security today, indicated there was a special ‘protest’ line with nothing more than a metal detector that they’d send people through if they were protesters/opt-outers. He sailed right through security with no issues.” – Jeff R

“IAH was surprisingly empty early this morning.” – Heather M.

“almost everyone is being sent through the metal detectors…also, a huge bank of cameras that wasn’t there 2 weeks ago (also last week, everyone went through the scanners).” – Stephanie H.

“The wait in Atlanta right now is only 15 minutes with 26 opt outs.” – Thais S.

“My mom flew in from Dallas – Love Field and they do NOT have scanners, only metal detectors. Word is that they aren’t getting them because that is where Southwest has their headquarters and doesn’t want them there. Little Rock doesn’t have the scanners either.” – Kerry S.

“Well #TSA security at BWI was uneventful. The lines weren’t long and I just passed through a regular metal detector.” – dsadlosky

“Dulles is a ghost town. No enhanced screening either. Thank you #TSA!” – slickricks

Gizmodo: Fliers Claim TSA Have Deactivated Body Scanners

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