Hooser for BLNR Chair!

SUBHEAD: Now is the time to lobby Governor elect Abercrombie to appoint Hooser as the Board of Land and Natural Resources Chairperson.  
Image above: Gary Hooser speaks at Clean Energy Rally in Honolulu 4/27/09. From (http://www.flickr.com/photos/14746243@N04/3654807823/in/photostream/).  

By Linda Pascatore on 27 November 2010 -

After the primary election, we published a call to lobby Neil Abercrombie, then candidate for governor, to consider Gary Hooser for BLNR chairperson. Now that Abercrombie is governor-elect, it is time to pump up our campaign. Please write to Neil Abercrombie and ask him to appoint Hooser as BLNR chair, at his Transition website (http://newdayhawaii.org/contact) Here is a sample letter:
Dear Mr. Abercrombie, Now that you are governor elect, I ask again that you consider appointing Gary Hooser as the new Chairperson of the Board of Land and Natural Resources.
Gary Hooser has an integrated, long term vision of a self-sufficient and sustainable Hawaii, and as Chairman of BLNR, he would be in a position to further this goal. Gary has been an outstanding advocate for the aina. He has supported land and shoreline conservation, preservation of agricultural lands, and public access to our natural treasures for the people of Hawaii. He has an impeccable environmental record, and has been endorsed by the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations.
Since you are also a champion for the environment who is looking forward to a more sustainable future, I am sure you can appreciate Gary’s skills in this area. Please consider Gary Hooser for this important position. Congratulations on your Election! Sincerely Yours,
See also: Ea O Ka Aina: Hooser for BLNR Chair 9/27/10 .

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