Turning the Canoe

SUBHEAD: Movie premier at the Maui Film Festival on achieving sustainability in Hawaii. Image above: Still frame from movie of wind generators on Kaheawa Ridge in West Maui. WHAT: World Premiere Ho'okele Wa'a: Turning the Canoe Feature Film Documentary (USA, 2010, 57 mins) $10 WHEN: Thu, Jun 17th 7:00pm WHERE: Castle Theater - Maui Arts & Cultural Center WHO: Produced by the Sustainable Living Institute Maui Directed By: Danny Miller Producer: Alex de Roode, Janet Six Ph.D. Screenwriter: Janet Six Ph.D. Editor : Danny Miller Director of Photography : Danny Miller Original Music: James Kimo West Narrator : Kapena Boyd WEBSITE: www.TurningTheCanoe.org Video above: Trainer for "Ho'okele Wa'a" From (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pws7iIFVnxY). We could make Maui self-sustaining. We could take the long view. The rest of the planetary surface may be getting ground into dust, but we in Hawai‘i have the opportunity stand our ground and let the mountains live. This Maui-made documentary provides a vision for making that possible. It introduces the audience to Maui people who have dedicated themselves exactly to that task. We have among us a large network of hardworking, idealistic, mostly young citizens laboring at one aspect or another of this great goal, and you meet them all in this film. How welcome it is, for example, to catch some glimpses of Art Medeiros, the biologist whose poetry stands at the helm of this story. Art paraphrases a Chinese philosopher, saying, "Hope is like a road in the countryside. If people all walk together the road appears." Walking is so old-fashioned. But it is the pace we need to move into an appropriate future. Along that path there are taro growers (the Linds in Kipahulu), fuel recyclers (the kings of Pacific Biodiesel), native plant nurserymen (Jonathan Keyser and Ethan Romanchak), invasive plant pullers (Pat Bily of The Nature Conservancy and Lissa Fox of MISC), bamboo growers, organic farmers…. It is a very uplifting cast of very real people. .

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