NOAA Insider Vents on Oil Spill

SUBHEAD: High level National Ocean & Atmospheric Administration employee comments on ineffective response to oil spill. Image above: The logo of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration By Brad Parsons on 5 June 2010 for Aloha Analytics - ( The following comes from a high-level official in NOAA *today* asked by an outside friend of a friend what he thinks about all of this:
"I live it everyday, as I work for NOAA now. I see the maps of what's been soiled and what will soon be soiled. I see the mortality. But worse, I see how the Administration is desperately treating this as more an exercise in spin than the life and death struggle that it is. I see how much NOAA is a group of ineffectuals, most of their laws expired, underfunded and clueless, gutless about how to fix that. I see the Congress give NOAA a pittance to deal with this catastrophe then take the same amount of money out of the agency's current construction budget to pay for that pittance, all the while sending billions more borrowed from the Chinese to the Defense Department to fight two losing wars..."
He does not mention that it was NOAA's estimates of the size of the spill that started that off at an extreme lowball number. Also does not mention that the maps that NOAA continues to put out do not show the full spread of the oil in the Gulf. This NOAA senior official, whom I do not know personally, mainly alludes to the fact that after years of neglect, NOAA does not have the resources nor Administrative direction to deal with this. .

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