getting barreled

SUBHEAD: is love a force more powerful than greed? more patient than gravity?

By Jonathan Jay on 6 June 2010 for Island Breath -

Image above: Tod Glaser getting barreled on 5/13/2008.

getting barreled is love a force more powerful than greed?
 more patient than gravity?

more lovely than gravy, less lumpy than wavy more wind through the willows of aubergine pillows reliable as on-demand streaming? firm HD REM dreaming does love spread well on burnt toast?

could i please have your cellphone number or email address with some finesse

i might seduce perhaps reduce the mountaintops of unclean coal stupid asshole smoldering from black lungs in the far east of virginia.

can love restore sisters to all those lonely, only chinese senators' sons?

is it tough enough to spin turbines run post-soviet combines love that is - caress sublime concubines with leviathan meanders of serpentine turpentine a toxic cocktail for drunken imperial fading indian summer time.

will it fix rich daddy's broken economy? or make Obama good looking enough to pull Burt Bacharach from West Afpaciraq, North-South Koreastan and finally put an end World War Two?

Can love stop your kids from sniffing glue? Free the Israelis from their Palestinian Concentration Camps? Dismantle NATO, revive PLATO And bring the German, Japanese and Hawaiian occupation armies home? Can love finally put to bed the gore that is Rome?

Can it first fix then wash our broken windows? Mend then address our tired sinews? will it make me look fat in your little black dress?

will it whisper good night, then punch out the lights? love, that is - can it turn our tides wax the eyebrows from your thighs re-freeze the glaciers reduce by some fraction government inaction hormone cheese overproduction will it save us from our tech-no-fetish selves (those creepy feeble keebler elves). who would love bomb?

will it smash the looms, save our luddsome jobs love, that is - or might it free us from them instead - make a new bed to dream wondrous new humane tomorrows this very night!

our heads on warm aboriginal sands tender gleaming lucent whichety grubs GMO-free protein-rich and sweet sweet water and what of my sisterless boy-kitten? not even chinese, will love rub his black and white fluffy undersides?

scratch his chin and many-nippled pink furbelow or sweetly cull the sticky burrs from his hypnotically swaying swami tail he is purring - can you hear him?

all happy and down low look there he goes now little ship plough through shallow seas of bright green grass

Will love take out the trash on Tuesday nights? and what of "Socialism" or perhaps more pointedly, that oh-so noble (but semi-embalmed) Perennial Capitalist bugaboo: Democracy!

a herd of snoring sacred cows, tipped rightward middle of the road bloodless roadkill leathers of infernal combustion industrial insensibility. techno-senility

 Or is it a farce - Democracy that is - less potent than a rabid mob of highly leveraged investment wankers? less highly pressured than a deep water black puss-gusher more circuitous and ambivalent than the mighty Pacific's translucent gyre? (our planet's wee Jovian plasticine ire)

 Can democracy bring back the salad days? Fix the PH of our vinaigrette oceans? and what of You - where and when are YOU in all this? Do i even get one salty dry kiss?

Oh, I know when you are good, you are very-very good, So when's that gonna happen, Venice is sinking!

What are you thinking! manufactured hearts' desires Abu Dabi petro-spires controlled collapse to desert sands Oh you savage boys and girls!

with languid silky buoyant curls sprawled right in the middle of our poor bed, Wake up you sleepy dunderhead! Get up already, star the day Pipe the coffee - we getting barreled today.  


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