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SUBHEAD: Dow Chemical's GMO division is here. And here's their newsletter 'Kaumakani Neighbor'.

By Tom Scagnoli on 21 June 2010 for Dow AgroScience - 

Image above: Painting of 'Industrial Landscape of Dow Chemical Germany' by Olge Eggers in 1986. From (  

[IB Editor's note: Dow is the corporation that brought us Napalm and Agent Orange used to burn and deforest Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It the company that created the dioxin that turned the Love Canal neighborhood of New York into a ghost town. It's the company that bought out Union Carbide, the outfit that produced the Bohpal, India, chemical catastrophe. Dow is the company that's probably come to Kauai to produce pesticide resistant, genetically altered, patented seed corn. For more info on Dow, see The Truth about Dow]   

The end of 2009 was an exciting time for Dow AgroSciences. We signed a lease agreement with Gay & Robinson to preserve 3,400 acres of former Sugarcane land for agricultural use; we hired our current employee workforce From the community; we started renovations on the former Gay & Robinson machine, shop to accommodate our seed processing equipment; and we brought in equipment to the site to help prepare the fields for planting.

As we move into 2010, we have completed Phase 1 of the seed facility and have moved into Phase 2, which includes the erection of our production dryer. We are in the process of designing a new administration facility, which will include office and employee buildings, labs, and machine storage and maintenance shop.

We hope to complete this facility in the first quarter of 2011, We have also successfully harvested our first crop. In this newsletter, you will meet our new leadership team. Beyond this group of supervisors, we have filled all full-time positions and hired a great team of temporary and seasonal employees to support our seed corn production on Kauai. Our current successes would not have been possible without file tremendous dedication, commitment and hard work of this amazing team. Thank you!

As the newest members in the community we feel it is extremely important to update our neighbors of the exciting developments happening on our farm, We are committed to being good stewards of the land, promoting local jobs and being a long-term contributor to the island community. We look forward to working with all of you and thank you for making us feel welcome, we are proud to call Kauai home.  

A New Neighbor in Town
Hawaii's agricultural history is rich and deeply embedded within our local culture, from Native Hawaiian farming to the sugar plantations in the 1800s. More recently, the agricultural industry has experienced broad changes in Hawaii and abroad, with the effects of an ever-changing global marketplace.

Companies like Dow AgroSciences LLC have made the long-term strategic decision to expand their business operations in Hawaii. In today's sluggish economy, agricultural expansion in Hawaii benefits the community through increased job opportunities and boosting the local economy. On April 28, 2009, Dow AgroSciences, locally known as its seed affiliate Mycogen Seeds on Molokai, announced that it signed an agreement with Gay & Robinson Inc. (G&R) to lease land for agricultural use on the west side of Kauai.

A member of the state's seed community, Dow AgroSciences will play a growing role in the agricultural industry by contributing to the local economy through purchasing equipment and supplies from local businesses, such as American Machinery, Allied Machinery and Kauai Commercial Co. These partnerships provide a boost to the local economy while supporting the community as a whole.

A contributor to Hawaii agricultural industry for more than 50 years through its products, Dow AgroSciences has been operating on Molokai since 2000, building a strong and lasting relationship with the Molokai community, The company contributes and participates in school fundraisers and community service projects and sponsors nonprofit activities, which will now also include the Kauai community, helping to make, Kauai a better place to live, work and play.

Dow AgroSciences is committed to maintaining Kauai's iconic, undeveloped landscape, by keeping the land in agricultural use - all while supporting economic stability as a nontourism-based source of revenue. "We are committed to the Kauai community and will continue the good land stewardship that G&R has demonstrated over the past decades," says Tom Scagnoli, Kauai site leader.

 In addition, Dow AgroSciences will be training a skilled workforce for corn production. With the new seed corn operation on Kauai the company already has hired, 69 full-time, part-time and seasonal employees from the community, many of whom were former G&R employees. According to Hawaii's Agricultural Statistics Service, the Hawaii seed industry generates $167 million in economic activity annually, which translates to $53 million in annual labor income, providing for more than 2,000 jobs. Randy Francisco, president of the Kauai Chamber of Commerce has said: "As a Community we need to support businesses, such as Dow AgroSciences, for they will positively contribute to Kauai's economic and workforce development for many years to come."  

Dow AgroSciences Connects with the Community
In the past month, representatives from Dow AgroSciences took part in three community events right here on the Garden Isle. A leader in agricultural biotechnology, Dow AgroSciences' mission oil the islands is to be a good steward of the land (and to contribute to the, community.

One way we, accomplish this goal is by supporting our youth's interest in science. Gen O/Alternative Crop Coordinator Mark Swanson recently served as a judge at the Kauai District Regional Science Olympiad. "The science Olympiad was a great experience and the science projects were amazing and very hard to judge," lie says. "It was also a lot of fun interacting with the juniors and seniors of the high schools of the island."

"The biggest part of the science Olympiad is that our Kauai students get a chance to showcase their academic achievements," says Barbara Baker of the Kauai District Regional Science Olympiad, "An even bigger part is the additional learning they gain from the judges as experts in the scientific fields." Swanson and plant coordinator Keith Horton also attended the Kauai District Regional Science Olympiad. This opportunity allowed them to reinforce the importance of science to Kauai's youngsters.

 In addition to being a major sponsor of the science Olymipiad, Dow AgroSciences volunteers manned booths at the 331d Annual Waimea Town Celebration. The two-day festival is fun in the country with a paniolo challenge., ukulele competition, lei contest, and lots of delicious food.  

Dow Chemical GMO Leadership Corner
We would like to introduce the dynamic team behind tile Dow AgroSciences operation in Kaumakani. If you see any of these friendly faces around town be sure to greet them with a warm aloha.  

Tom Scagnoli, Site Operations Loader
With eight years in the seed corn industry working in Michigan, Iowa , and in Hawaii, Tom is responsible for overall management and leadership of the site field plant operations. Tom enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, 21-month-old son, Cale, and newborn daughter Nalia. He loves the outdoors and sports, especially golf, baseball, swimming and basketball.  

Robin Robinson, Farm Manager
Farm manager Robin Robinson comes to Dow AgroSciences with more thin 25 years of experience in the agricultural industry. He oversees daily operations of the farm, including agronomic and equipment management, oversight of planting and harvest, and irrigation system development and site resourcing.  

Randy Yokoyama, Field Coordinator (formerly of Monsanto Kauai)
Bringing 15 years of valuable experience to the team, Randy is responsible for of parent seed crops and timely delivery of seed supplies to customers globally. The New Jersey native spends his free time with his wife, Suzie, and their kids, Braeden and Kona.  

Keith Horton, Plant Coordinator
Keith leads the Kauai farm in the management and oversight of file. production plant facilities. A true outdoorsman Keith loves OC-1 paddling, surfing, camping and hiking. In fact, lie hiked the Kalalau trail barefoot. Naturally, this North Carolina State, University graduate's favorite team is tire NCSU Wolfpack.

Mark Swanson, Gen O/Alternative Crop Coordinator
Mark leads alternative crop production for the site. He comes to us via Illinois, hence his favorite spoils teams hail from Chicago. He lived on Molokai for two years until joining the team in Kauai and, in his spare time, he enjoys driving his Camaro.  

Jennifer Scagnoli, Field Research Biologist III
Leading file research and development sector of the Kauai operations is Jennifer Scagnoli. As a field research biologist, Jennifer is responsible for diverse research projects on the farm. She and husband, site operations leader Torn Scagnoli, welcomed their second child in February.

 Darlene Hobbs, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)
Specialist Darlene leads safety oversight for both Kauai and Molokai site operations, and is working to connect safety programs on both islands. A proud mother of three sons and grandmother to 4-year-old Brayden and 3-year-old Brielle, Darlene likes to spend her free time with family and friends, getting a workout at the gym and taking belly dancing.  

Terri Matsuoka, Administrative Assistant
Terri provides valuable support to the leadership team in the main office, working on a variety of projects. In her spare time, you can find her hanging out with her family and friends, and enjoying the sunset at Kukuiula Harbor.

 [IB Editor's note: We attempted to contact Dow's Kauai office (808-335-5081) listed in the phone book. There was no answer or message at the number. What we've learned from other GMO operations leads us to believe that Dow AgroScience will not do is help free food production from the petro-chemical industry we are addicted to. 

They will not help feed the world or even feed Kauai. Kauai's sugarcane lands have been deforested and the topsoil has been destroyed and contaminated. We need to restore our soil, grasslands and forests. We need to produce ten times as much local food as we do today to survive here after petro-collapse. We do not want Dow on Kauai. Dow is a chemical company, not a food producer.] 

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