Audaciously Hoping

SUBHEAD: The solution to this problem is our future. This is the world’s Dunkirk and every human should be on the Gulf. If not in person, in spirit.

By Bettejo Dux on 9 June 2010 in the Garden Island News -  

Image above: BP oil spill with Obama "Hope" button superimposed. Digital collage by Juan Wilson.

May this incredibly brilliant, sound, sane, reasoning young man in the White House have the courage to speak the truth. To say to the world:

“Greed is about to kill this planet. What you see in the Gulf is in your backyard. I will hold responsible — and send — every greedy oil man, BP and all the others, every inept lunatic overseer of government regulations, every politician who sold his soul to Mammon and allowed this dreadful incident to happen in the Gulf, to work for the rest of their lives cleaning up the mess they made.

I think every penny they have in their fat purses, which they intend to use for drilling more wells, be used to create and build factories making alternative sources of energy — windmills, photovoltaics, hydro electric plants, whatever — that people can afford. This will put people back to work, clean up the environment, and help restore and salvage our great nation.

I will, with the power invested in me, see that this is done. I will place in receivership every oil company in America who put dollar signs first, who put the safety, health and well-being of the people of the world and our beloved country at the very bottom of their list of priorities. Many people on the Gulf — rich and poor, brown, white, black and yellow, young and old — will be affec

I have at my fingertips every bright mind in the world helping me — us — find a solution. I will bring our troops home to work with us in this sad venture. Wars run on their sleek oil bellies and that oil and that young energy will also be put to work creating new jobs. Peace and prosperity, an American right, is the goal here. We may not succeed but no one in this country, or the world, will be able to say we didn’t try.

If you chose to pray, pray. If you chose to hope, hope. If you chose to work and help, work and help. The solution to this problem is our future. This is the world’s Dunkirk and every human being who loves mankind and planet earth will be on the Gulf. If not in person, in spirit and thought and prayer. Me and my staff, too.”

I’m sure President Obama will be able to say this better than I. I hope, audaciously, he says it.


Anonymous said...

Bettyjo, I nominate you as President Obama's new speech writer!

Great letter! Kimo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kimo. I'm thinking of writing a very Orwellian response to this mess. When it's a conflict between big and poor fishermen, forget the fish and birds and stuff...big always wins. I think it's very contemporary Christian. Jesus is going to come back as BP's Head Honcho.
Peace and love Bettejo

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why this lady does not have a daily column with you, she is a great writer.

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