Kauai in Black & Color

SUBHEAD: Sometimes it's the contrast between black and color that pleases the eye.

By Juan Wilson on 19 December 2009 for Island Breath -

This is what I guess is called a photo essay. I was looking through my photo library for a new image of Kauai to use as a background for my computer screen.

I realized after a while that my eye was caught by a genre of composition that I hadn't noticed before. They were images with large areas of blackness contrasting with intense areas of color.

These were not the greatest of photographs, but I found them interesting enough to share. Here are six.

Image above: A colorful beach fire on a dark night on Kauai. All photos by Juan Wilson. 

Image above: God-Rays at sunset near Puolo Point south of Burns Field airport in Hanapepe.

Image above: View from the Meditation temple at the Hindu Monastery in Wailua.

Image above: Sunset view towards Niihau from Queen's Pond on the Mana Plain.

Image above: Looking up to Hanapepe Heights from the valley below.

Image above: Ironwood tree at Moloaa Stream as it meets the ocean.

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