Last chance for Wailua

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SUBHEAD: The Wailua Bike Path issue is not over yet. The County will hold a public meeting on December 7th.

Image above: View of Wailua River mouth on Kauai from GoogleEarth.  

Kauai County presentation on Wailua River Bike Path route.  

Monday, December 7th, 2009 at 6:30pm  

Peace and Freedom Convention Hall 4191 Hardy Street, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii  

Download Event Poster PDF (350k). Note: A new poster uploaded 12/3/09.


Mayor Carvalho is holding a public meeting over the bike path issue. Come out in support of the Hawaiians and environment. With large numbers of us from all parts of the island in solidarity, we can make the kind of change we desire, in variance with what he has recommended.

 Call Mayor Bernard Carvalho
(808) 241-4900

 Kanaka maoli said at the November 13th, 24 hour vigil at Wailua Beach that the path should be redirected off of Wailua Beach along an old cane road behind the abandoned Coco Palms Hotel out of respect for iwi kupuna and the sacredness of the beach. The Sierra Club chapter of Kauai released a statement following the Mayor's recommendation that reads:  

"We believe that desecrating the sacred sands of Wailua by constructing a recreational path on Wailua Beach would be wrong environmentally and procedurally", the statement says. "The Sierra Club has always advocated for preserving beaches in their natural state. But here there is an even greater over reaching concern: that the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and most Native Hawaiian practitioners are strongly opposed to locating this project on the beach. We stand with them"  
A full presentation on the county's findings and intentions will be provided at a public meeting on December 7th 6:30 pm at the Kauai Peace & Freedom Convention Hall.

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Anonymous said...

Ua Pa`a ka `aha
He lohe ke ola,
he kuli ka luku
The lightning flashed, the thunder pealed, the rains poured,
Wind and ocean currents unveil a rising consciousness of mana
…Purging, purifying, cleansing, revealing
Surrounded by the presence of ancient ancestors
The sacred connection is made firm, aligning our focus and mana
To hear is life,
To turn a deaf ear is destructive
We implore that all will see, feel and hear with clarity.
Wailuanuiaho`äno has always held the distinction as one of the most sacred places in all of Hawai`i. It was the birthplace of royal ali`i, as well as the political and spiritual center for Kaua`i Island. From the ahupua`a’s pinnacle at the summit of Wai`ale`ale moving ma kai toward the shore, a series of major heiau are integrated into the landscape of the “Great Sacred Wailua”. Oral histories and traditions detailed in our chants, ceremonies, religious and burial practices further confirm and maintain that the entire coastal ecosystem of sand dunes and beaches of the Wailua ahupua`a are known and documented burial grounds. Iwi küpuna, the bones of our ancestors were interned in these sands many, many generations before us. Known as, Mahunapu`uone, this place name clearly indicates its role in the life and death cycle of our küpuna as, “the sand dunes that conceal the bones”.

The Mayor has decided to forge ahead to construct the pedestrian/bike path on the sands of Mahunapu`uone at Wailua Beach – a decision that we strongly feel was uninformed and misguided. We need your support in establishing an ALTERNATE ROUTE by steering the pathway OFF OF THE BEACH and toward the mauka alignment BEHIND of Coco Palms.

Contrary to Path advocates’ claims that potential environmental, cultural and spiritual impacts have been addressed, THEY HAVE NOT. The path is only one of several development projects that are simultaneously occurring in Wailua. County, State and Federal authorities HAVE NOT COMPLIED with required laws and regulations, including Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. The Environmental Assessment is flawed and inadequate for a region as culturally and historically significant as Wailuanuiaho`äno.

Please join us in a unified appeal asking for an EIS (Environmental Impact Study). It is our shared duty to protect and care for our environment, culture and the sanctity of the iwi küpuna. We humbly ask for your presence and participation at this very important Public Information Meeting this coming Monday. Your support is needed!

Public Information Meeting
Wailua – Kapa`a Bike/Pedestrian Path
Kaua`i Convention Hall in Lïhu`e
Monday, December 7 – 6:30p to 8:30p
Voice your support to move the path OFF the beach
CALL THE MAYOR at 241-4900
To learn about the significance of Wailuanuiaho`äno visit:

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