Supreme Court rules on Superferry

SUBHEAD: The Hawaii Supreme Court has decided against Act 2 constitutionality
SOURCE: Dick Mayer, 
[Editor's Note: Obviously the next step is for Maui Tomorrow and the Sierra Club to file for an injunction in Maui County Court to stop all Superferry operations immediately. Best of luck!]
image above: Illustration by Juan Wilson from earlier article on Superferry case
by Irene Bowie on 16 March 2009 for Maui Tomorrow Foundation
Aloha! Great news!  The Supreme Court has issued its ruling on HSF and we’ve won!!! 


They ruled that Act 2 is unconstitutional and they awarded us our legal fees. 

The opinion is 112 pages long.


Congratulations to us all and especially to our environment!


Irene Bowie

Executive Director

Maui Tomorrow Foundation, Inc.

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link to Supreme Court decision:

link to Honolulu Advertiser story:

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