Saturday Night Live in Kauai

SUBHEAD: Should we just laugh this off?

By Noelle Barnes on 15 March 2009 in The Garden Island - 

Image above: Still image from SNL skit. Dwayne "Rock" Johnson and Fred Armisen in "Hawaiian Hotel" skit from Saturday Night Live from Note: There is an advertisement presented with this link. Here's another link with some more advertising.

Angry with the wrong people
Regarding the skit on Saturday Night Live on March 7 featuring “The Rock” in Kaua‘i doing tableside hula for tourists, I noticed that some people found it to be offensive and others found it to be hilarious but if you looked at it closer without getting angry or taking it to lightly you would realize that this is how visitors are treated most of the time.

I am certainly guilty of it and I have made my fair share of rude comments about tourists, but when you see it played out on SNL it is not so funny and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a shame that we are perceived this way and it is a shame that our problem with crystal meth, development and early pregnancy are so well know that SNL is doing skits about it. What I am trying to say is we need to clean up our island. All of us need to show more aloha to visitors and each other. I realize that a few bad apples spoil the bunch and I am aware that there is aloha on Kaua‘i, but we need more and we need to show it more.

When is the last time we had a major drug bust? I think our tourism commission should take a long hard look at this skit and use it as a way for us to fix the way we are perceived.

More of an effort needs to be made to clean up crime. What are our police officers doing to combat crystal meth on Kaua‘i? Can Chief Darryl Perry answer this question?

Who else is going to have to get stabbed 18 times before we act? If we are under the illusion that crystal meth is not a problem then that really saddens me. If you ask me the whole thing smells fishy.

Our crime rate is growing and our development is as well. The skit goes deeper for me as a Kaua‘i resident and made me ashamed of my behavior and has made me realize that without the visitors, how would I put food on my table, feed my kids, drive my car, take my vacation and pay my rent?
If you work in any jobs that have to do with tourism and yet you hate tourists then you should look for other means of employment. We need to move forward as a community, and as people.

We are so caught up in the issues of the past that the present is being neglected. We are angry with the wrong people.

Noelle Barnes, Hanalei:
The skit isn't so much about people in Kauai as it is about waiting on tourists who have some illusion they're unusual and have a set of misconceptions about how people in the land of aloha just live to serve people, and must be happy because they live in what tourists call paradise. Which is a myth ... and fair game to satirize.

Video above: SNL 34th season -17 edisode skit about hotel on Kauai with Dwayne "Rock" Johnson. From ( .



Juan Wilson said...

My stepson and his wife served food to tourists for years in Honolulu while they put themselves through school at UH. He was asked to wear a hula skirt when he worked at Cheeseburgers in Paradise on the strip in Waikiki. I'm sure the Rock Johnson has seen the place with his own eyes.

My stepson did make more than minimum wage but came to dislike many of the attitudes tourists had towards the people who served them. A note to Dwayne... it's tough to live 15 miles inland on Kauai.

jonathan jay said...

Simply put, to me this skit is funny - AND it acurately represents some of the same frustrations i have heard others articulate. SNL is often banal, but this struck me as on the mark.

Anonymous said...

How about letting the Hawaiians take back their land and then see what happens to crime, drugs, ha'oles, corrupt cops that do/sell the drugs, a very corrupt government which only cares for money over human life and earth and stupid but wellmeaning tourists.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just saw it, and it was GREAT. Finally, the truth is told!!!! Been a long time since I laughed that much....

Anonymous said...

Hawaii needs to STOP BEING DEPENDENT upon tourists like we need to get off our oil addiction....Self sufficiency is a goal accomplished when people can return to live off of the land without having to OWE some jackoff in government or a landloard money to be "allowed" somewhere to live.

The ancient Hawaiian way of life needs to return to the Hawaiian islands (before the Tahitians arrived), and it will, with time and effort.

Ok, I've said everything now...

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised on Kauai and I thought it was totally hilarious. People need to stop taking things so seriously not everything is scandal or racial. IT IS COMEDY!!!! If you no like den no watch braddah and sistas

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I totally agree with you. I also was born and raised on Kauai. This skit was hilarious. People should chill out. The world has more problems then worrying about a comedy skit Stop taking things so serious. CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!!! COMEDY PEOPLE

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Justicefordapeople said...

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Anonymous said...

Officer Barry DeBlake requires being taken off duty for a time. Too often, DeBlake has proven unstable, uptight and angry.

At this time, DeBlake's wife and kids are living at one of the wife's friend's house because DeBlake had finally gotten physical with his wife. Even so, DeBlake causing disruption for this family home, showing-up at uncivilized hours such as 5:30 am, demanding to see his wife--upsetting the whole household, including the children in the house.

What is wrong with the officer?

There have been a number of complaints against DeBlake. I,too, have witnessed his inappropriate conduct as an officer while at public meetings, and in call outs.

When I was informed KPD Officer DeBlake was placed on the campus of Kapa'a High School, this concerned a number of people--including me.

KPD Officer Barry DeBlake requires some type of intervention by the police department, or perhaps being a peace office is not only a poor fit for DeBlake, but dangerous for the community.

This officer simply is not measuring-up to his obligations, and repeatedly there are reports of his aggressions on others.

Will this officer be allowed to be on duty with KPD? He is remaining on duty at the high schools. This makes me very nervous.

Anonymous said...

Officer DeBlake might be suffering from PTSD. My braddah and fellow soldier get some help.

Anonymous said...

My nephew attends Kapaa High and he said that the students are glad Tumua got arrested but will down play the arrest in fear of retaliation. He also told me that everyone knows that that Tumua is part of a Tongan Gang on campus called R.C.B. (Rough Country Boyz)who claim to run the school. You can even find R.C.B. spray painted on the guard shack wall in the senior parking lot. Some of the Tongan students have R.C.B. tattooed on their hands. Since Tumua turned 18 he has not got into a lot of fights because he doesn't want to go to jail. Before he turned 18 he and the R.C.B. Tongan gang were involved with several attempts to mob a Waimea football player. R.C.B. was also involved with numerous fights at the high school football games. Tumua is still involved with the gang but other R.C.B. gang members (Penny & Sauva)do all the fighting. Penny was also calling out the cops to fight while Tumua was being arrested. My nephew also told me no one will say anything because the Tongans have been known to go to peoples houses to beat them up. They even threaten the teachers. The teachers are so afraid of them that if you come on campus at anytime you can see Tumua walking around and hanging out and he will never be arrested or busted for anything. I just think everyone should know this and I will be stopping by the school to see for myself the spray painted R.C.B.

Anonymous said...

Officer DeBlake has had several more civilian complaints against him in the three and a half years since this discussion was active. He should not be on the force. Also, the whole "RCB" and "Tongan Gang" business in the last post is completely exaggerated hogwash. Typical anecdotal story-telling. Actual witnesses to the tasing incident know what they saw - a student walking to class, being harassed by an unstable cop who NEVER should have had that job. Student calls the cop "dumb" while walking away, cop tasers student. Cop faces no charges, Maybe it's time to finally contact the state D.A. about DeBlake and KPD's cover ups. Latest word is DeBlake illegally detained and harassed a teacher after incompetently running her plates WRONG, and he somehow got it in his head that the teacher was affiliated with Rodney Cremer and had weapons in her car. Teacher was just going about her way, stopped in a church parking lot to check her phone, and he harasses, detains, and threatens her. Small island. Teacher tells one person about incident, and word spreads. Put this man in jail already.

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