GMO Action Alert

SOURCE: Judy Dalton ( SUBHEAD: Both GMO-Preemption and Ban on GMO-Taro bills to be heard.
By Vickey Takamine on 29 January 2009 in Island Breath
Image above: Masthead of the website.
THIS WEDNESDAY, March 4th- Please submit testimony and make phone calls now! Click Here to Take Action to Stop Statewide GMO-Preemptionu Click Here to Take Action to Ban GMO-Taro You can make a big difference just by clicking here and easily submitting your testimony in support of protecting natural taro!
HEWA! DANGER- The GMO-Preemption Bill HB1226
will be heard by the House Committee on Agriculture- WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4th, HAWAII STATE CAPITOL 9:00AM RM. 312.
If passed, this dangerous bill would:
• Allow biotech and GMO activities to happen in Hawaii without any public, state or county oversight or regulation. • Deny citizens of our right to know and choose what is in the food we eat and what experimental crops are grown in our communities. • Deny our state and counties of their "home-rule" or ability to decide what agricultural activities and protocols happen in their own communities. • Prevent independent monitoring or oversight of the effects that GMOs have on our communities and aina.

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