The Inflection Is Near?

SUBHEAD: Evil Parasitic Caterpillar that has Been Eating Thomas Friedman’s Brain Finally Dies!
By Sharon Astyk on 09 March 2009 in Casaubon's Book
Image above: Close-up of THomas Friedman's mouth on "Meet The Press". From
Thomas Friedman, uncritical neo-classical economist, whack job proponent of globalization and porn-star-style mustachioed New York Times columnist has actually decided that growth is bad.
This stunning development occurred after the evil, parasitic alien caterpillar that has been residing on his upper lip died, ending its multi-year position controlling all of Friedman’s brain activity. This is the only possible explanation for a sudden shift to rationality from a man who has done more to encourage the globalizing destruction of all hope for sustainability than most.
In a news conference, Friedman also renounced the “science” of economics, and vowed to help develop a new steady state economy. He also reassured those who would miss his famous look that despite the death of his parasite, he’d be keeping its corpse on his upper lip, since he’s gotten used to it.
(Ok, the last part isn’t true. But the article is, and this is the only way I can think of that really makes sense ;-)).
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