GMO-Free Kauai Demonstration

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SUBHEAD: Oppose GMO Gag Order Bill by attending demonstration
Sign Waving to Oppose GMO Gag order, HB 1226

Thursday, March 19, from 3:00 to 6:00pm

Kaumualii Highway, across from Kukui Grove Shopping Center, alongside the biotech corn fields.

HB1226 (GMO preemption bill) got a double referral in the Senate, with a joint committee- ENE (Energy & The Environment) and TIA (Transportation International & Intergovernmental Affairs), then WTL (Water, Land, Environment & Hawaiian Affairs)

Image above: GoogleEarth aerial shot of Kaumualii Highway with GMO field left,Kukui Grove right and Raytheon's Solipsys war-room with white roof at bottom center.

ENE is chaired by Gabbard (strongly anti-GMO) and TIA is chaired by English and WTL is chaired by Hee.

Immediate response is needed in regard to GMO Preemption Bill HB1226. We need to contact Senator Gabbard today! At this point we have three referrals in the Senate and have a good chance of killing HB1226. Gabbard has been a proponent of GMO labeling laws and has had concern in regard to the ethics of GMO politics. If you have time it would also be good to contact Senator English.

Most likely the two of them will be meeting, possibly today. No doubt there is a great deal of concern with this bill that goes beyond the GMO issue itself. Preemption violates the basic premise of our State constitution which recognizes the importance of home rule. We can not allow this right to be so easily thrown away!

Best to call! If not at least send an e-mail expressing your concern-

Senator Mike Gabbard (808)586-6830

Senator J. Kalani English (808)587-7225

Don't know what to say? Here are a couple of examples:

Hi this is (your name) I do not support HB 1226. This bill takes away the right of local communities to make decisions over the GMO issue. I do not want decisions that are important to Hawaii made by Federal decision makers. This is too important of an issue to not include the people of the State of Hawaii.

Hi this is (your name) I do not support HB 1226. GMO's remain highly untested and Federal testing and evaluation of GMO farming and food products is almost nonexistent. We need the help of our local government to insure that safety precautions are taken. HB 1226 seems to allow further deregulation of this industry.

Want to review HB1226?

Mahalo for your kokua,

Steve Morgan,

Hui Hoopakele Aina

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