Priorities and what's really important

SUBHEAD: Knowing about and acting against over consumption, ecocide, and world war are at the top of the list for me.

By Juan Wilson on 29 October 2016 for Island Breath -

Image above: An illustration of what some see as America. An obese American gorges on fast food in the middle of an oil field during a war. It is labeled "Made by USA and NATO" and can be found almost exclusively on Russian language websites. In this case from an English language site (

If you read this website regularly you probably have seen a lot of articles recently about the fight against the North Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). You might also have noted a lot of concentration on military strife around the world that might lead to wider war as well as articles on environmental degradation.

Needless to say those are import subjects, but were never meant to be the center of our conversation. We hope first to be talking about positive subjects.'s front page states.
There will be focus on...
Peace • Environment • Justice • Regionalism • Activism • Culture

In the relation to...
Industrialism • Militarism • Corporatism • Collapse • Peak Oil • Climate Change
Those words were written years ago, and I hope we can get back to more  of a focus on  peace, environment, justice, regionalism, activism and culture. But priorities being what they are (things that are regarded as more important than other thing), I think we all need to focus on a few vital issues.

The push back on the War Hawks, especially Hillary Clinton and the NeoCons and NeoLiberals who see a need to engage Russia and China in proxy wars throughout the Middle East, North Africa and soon the South China Sea.

many of America's hidden governing agents in and out of government are in sync with hawk Hillery Clinton advocating among other things:
  • Pushing NATO missile sites and war games into Eastern Europe. 
  • Overthrowing the Ukraine government with a regime unfriendly to Russia.
  • Threatening a no-fly zone in Syria leading to shooting Russian jets.
  • Getting into a shooting war in Yemen with partner Saudi Arabia to engage Iran.
These activities are raising the likelihood of starting another world war... This one with electromagnetic-pulse weapons and nuclear bombs as icing on the cake.

The struggle by indigenous people to succeed in pushing back corporate, government and military invasion of their land for resources, development, and strategic advantage.

Recently we republished an article ( that noted that since 1970 almost 60% of all wildlife has perished on planet Earth. The wilder less developed places on Earth are where many of the indigenous people live and they are on the front line of climate destruction.

This is through resource extraction (shale oil, natural gas, coal, timber, etc.) waste disposal (mountaintop removal, radioactive waste, fracking pools) and fossil fuel transport (pipelines, freight trains, long haul tanker trucks).

The Standing Ridge Sioux tribe's battle against the the North Dakota Access Pipeline is such a struggle. Besides those that have joined the Sioux in standing in the way of those construction bulldozers there is no one else between us and the ecological destruction of mining the shale oil, burning the oil and ultimately the spilling of the oil from the failure of the pipeline.

Defend the Arctic, the Amazon, the Congo and the non-gmo Breadbasket.
Over consumption is more than an activity that can lead to being overweight and be buried in crappy consumer products with short life cycles. It is a desired means to continue "growth" for our economy. And growth is life for those that depend on it (like mold and cancer).

Forth the most part we are totally dependent on and addicted to the distribution of mass produced crappy food, products, clothing and tools. "Demand Destruction" is not on the agenda. We continue to drive to Walmart, Costco, Home Depot and McDonalds. This is literally eating the planet Earth alive and most of us see no way nor have the will to stop.

Advertising, our mass media and culture celebrate consumption and promote self-denial. A steady state low consumption world economy in balance with resource replacement and recycling seems unobtainable - but will come about regardless - with or without humans.

Keep on keepin' on! So we keep pounding on these priorities on this site while we try and get further of the grid for dependence for food, water, energy and entertainment.

I don't think the System can hold much longer. An adjustment to uncountable debt approaches. The universal availability of gmo high fructose corn syrup, gmo soybean, and gmo animal feed will fail. The fossil fuel driven nation wide telecommunication and electric power grid will begin failing and we will begin to find our way home. The sooner the better. 

We hope we can get back to publishing more "How To", "Do it yourself", "Home Recipes", "Sustainability" and "Permaculture" articles...  Maybe that will be with a typewriter and mimeograph machine (yes we have two Royal typewriters and an A. B. Dick mimeograph machine in storage).

 In the meantime read us here trying to fight for PEACE, WILDERNESS, SUSTAINABILITY!

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